Miracle within the cabin in the woods…artistry by Colin Hall…for the music man on his sixieth birthday

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The sun was setting. I could not win. I had collected all the golden hues of the sun in the lofty pine.I gathered them to brighten up this  breaking heart of mine. I embraced them in the fading light of day.This was my hour of contemplation…Yet, I wanted to go out to play.The snow was piling deeper around the cabin door .I want to go run to the bear`s den. I longed to hear him snore.
cloud ladders to RETZ
cloud ladders to RETZ
Should I gather up the courage? Bundle up in many layers? I need to get moving daylight was almost gone. I needed to press on. The victory over winter’s length was hardly won.So I went in my imagination…to the great cupboard door. Gathered up the fancy shot-taffata gown that I had worn fifty years before. It’s greens, blues and purples sparkled in the setting sun.
1472988_524255254339880_1946828077_nI could not reach my fancy bonnet,  I had stored it away too far. So I reach,  into the darkening sky…Then I  stole the evening star.
I had intended to wear it in my hair. I held in my lap. It held me in its glow. The glow went everywhere.  It reached into my broken places that I had yet to know. It turned,  it sparkled, and danced so bright! It filled me with hope and desire. The light that it contained was for me A holy cleansing fire. 
1377112_489829587782447_1912038413_nI began to sing in tune. Evening star, please don`t come too soon. I have not set my mission. I am yet too weak to serve. The star raced within me still, through the dark places.

In some it hit a nerve.   It shone  into me  

divine love and compassion. 

It vibrated more and more.

My cabin fever and pity pot

-were left laying on the floor.644336_524652887633450_151888365_n (1)

 A purple moon-beam shone through the window.
I reckoned my thanks to the departing star.This Soul wears a smile of laughter, now,  As I strum on my guitar.


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