Now is the time…


Now is the time

To sing your praise.

Now is the time

to feel the Creator’s gaze.

A soft wind caresses the trees.

Soul is moved deeply by the gentle breeze.

Now is the time

to give praise and rejoice.

Now is the time

to give service with one voice. 

Now is the time

for the Ancient of Days.

To be heard clearly and to  follow Its ways.


Fran Blackwell ~ What If?

Fran & Ed Blackwell - Fran author- Fingerprints of God
Fran & Ed Blackwell – Fran author- Fingerprints of God

Fran Blackwell

What if

God, executed the first planned parenthood?

What if

Soul is a conception of planned “Godhood”?

What if

True conception by divine reception

of God’s Will willingly birthed Itself,,,holographic ally speaking

What if

God impregnated Itself, multiplying IT’S Divinity…

What if

Soul IS God’s Will?

Yes, a challenging thought beyond illusion

this is..Soul a Love Child of God,

Till in full consciousness Soul knows the ecstasy…

going beyond illusions of forgetting

to remember Love is All

God IS Love..

And Soul, What is Soul?

Soul lives, embodied in all living forms,

But is not the form

Soul is the formless Child of God

We are Soul…Gods will in motion..

To gain experiences to learn, to know,

all that I AM as the offspring

of the Almighty Creator, the

progeny of direct God Given Creativity,

With the Power of Loving Creation,

All Soul must do is choose


Self Will/God Will

And though all of Gods lesson plans for each of ITS Children,

Through all timeless illusion, Souls journey is ever going

by Gods Grace into the very heart of Its True Home.

This state of Grace is realized through gratitude and compassion,

The true cloak of humility that dresses Soul as it awakens

to Its truth….of the great love the Creator has for It,

Yes a love so great, so profound,nothing can ever compare.

What could this be you may wonder, It Is The Beloved Master,

The one who has been with each Soul since Its Conception,

Made by God ….just for love, just so Soul would never be alone,

even in Its darkest moments, the love of the Beloved lights

the way within, shadows leave when Gods light chases them

to a nowhere place, fear cannot erase the face of the Beloved

from God Grace, for this is called“Saving Grace”

for life experience has taught Soul It’s value as a

Child of God, and through Service IT knows

Soul is Gods Will in action

What If?

I shall fly…

I shall fly 

with  the rhythm of music

on the fluffiest clouds in the sky.

I shall fly giving thanks 

every moment.

I shall laugh

not caring why.

I shall take wing on my memories.

I shall take flight while making more. 

I give of my heart and my loving.

I shall care as never before.

I will fill my home with compassion.

I will bid you shelter within.

I shall fly, laugh, dance, drum,  and love.

I will do it all with a grin.

…a tourist in my own life!


I have become a tourist in my own life.

Exploring, examining and enjoying every nook and cranny!

If there is a street or avenue that is not filled with joy and gratitude

I say to myself, my inner guide – the Creator – “not today”.

Today, I shall heal and make note to  again come

to this place to heal

when I am ready to do so.

At some gates, streets, lanes and portals

Spirit bids me stay and work through

the lesson.  I am not alone.

I am always with you – Harold Klemp

There are no abandonment issues when 

I acknowledge the presence of the gifts of Spirit.

I am one with the wind, the melody, the music and the song. 

I am one with the Creator, whether alone or with the throng. 

I am one with the Sunlight of the Spirit.

I am filled with joy and gratitude –

when I allow myself to observe

in silence –

a moment to hear It.

I am blessed with  Thy loving mercies

charged and re-charged with Spirit…

To do thy bidding with a gentle manner

And be with the “Listener“

Until I can obey when I hear It. 



Joys of the day – gifts of the Journey

Colin Hall - vision and visual artist
Colin Hall – vision and visual artist

From the soft murmurings of the women

soothing the children from their blankets

To the squeals of laughter as they play

with their siblings in the kitchen

Home is a vibrant place

where one is loved,

cherished and protected. 

Come fill the cup of a brighter youth.  

Come fill the heart with divine truth.

Come sing your songs and beat your drum.

 The challenges of life (through love)  have been overcome.