Reach out…

Colin Hall
Colin Hall

I watch

as the writer

reaches for the quill, 

as the artist uses colour

and hones their skill.

I seek to learn

as the musician

strokes the right key

I wonder in amazement of all the harmony. 

All of nature begins to unfold

in the morning majestic sunrise

or in the evening’s reds and golds.

I am fulfilled in joyous gratitude

as the love of the Creator fills my life.

I reach out to another

to walk with them through strife.

I reach inward now to give thanks

at the end of my days

To live in loving service to share the love in praise.

MaryHelen Feris   Jasper National Park  2008
MaryHelen Ferris  Jasper National Park 2008

New Year`s Blessing for you

I wish you the joy and freedoms of my youth.

My wish for you
My wish for you

The delight of playing outside – kick the can, hide n seek and decorating mud pies with daisies.

I wish you the wisdom of my guides, teachers and elders who love unconditionally.

Most of all, I wish YOU to know you are worthy of giving yourself and others –

the highest and the best life has to offer.

Looking inward to the light

110276876Looking inward to the light

Do you see your beauty burning bright?

Do you see the miracle of your birth?

Do you see the  number of  re-birthing’s

till you found your worth?

Do you feel the majesty of the love

110276876Flowing out of you gently as a dove?

Do you see the kindness of your giving

Reaching across the ages of all your living?

Looking inward to the light

Do you see your beauty burning bright?

How do you learn about your beauty…?

Was it in the crowded room?

Or whilst visiting a lonely tomb?

Was it in your resilience?

Is it in your letting go?

Is it in the silence?

In the hours of solitude?

When and how did you find your beauty?

It shows in your gratitude!

Mine, I found in the still small voice…which said

I am always with you.  -Harold Klemp

In Its arms I rejoice.