The frozen river…

Sonny Alfredo Galea
Sonny Alfredo Galea

There once was a river

frozen deep inside.

Nothing could melt it.

God knows I tried. 

Then, after years on this inner quest,

the Sunlight of the Spirit

took a mighty hold.

The frozen river’s ice 

was turned to purest gold.

Soul could now rest.

Snow storm…


The pounding of the snow

did not look like

any “Currier & Ives” gentle painting.

It was a sudden storm,

covering everything,

invigorating, enervating…

making you glad you are alive. 

It started within me a few days ago

As the barometer dropped

My wind and storm began to grow.

I did not want to set back my clock.

I did not want to be  confined to house.

I was not prepared to wait

for spring like a silent little mouse.

All I wanted to do was storm  and buck.

The winds grew louder.

The snow increased.

The folks were huddling on the streets.

All night long the outer storm blew

It has been said we will get an inch or two.

I watched the storm safe from inside.

I, also,  watched my inner storm subside.

On awakening with an extra hours sleep

All the world was covered shades of white,

Beige, fluffy and deep.

I have resigned  myself to the fact , now,

 that the deep contemplations of winter have begun.

The imposing, imprisoning silences

Will have their way.

The storm will abate.

We will go ride on the sleigh.


Now is the time…


Now is the time

To sing your praise.

Now is the time

to feel the Creator’s gaze.

A soft wind caresses the trees.

Soul is moved deeply by the gentle breeze.

Now is the time

to give praise and rejoice.

Now is the time

to give service with one voice. 

Now is the time

for the Ancient of Days.

To be heard clearly and to  follow Its ways.


The cleansing of the river…for ECK New Year

artistry of Colin Hall
artistry of Colin Hall

The cleansing of the river…

forever, calls me Home.

Home to the river.

It is my sanctuary.

No need to roam.

I must go down to the river…

the poet wrote…

To the lonely sea and the sky…wrote another.

We are all called to the river.

There is no reason to ask why.

When beneath its water I am blessed

Cleansed, renewed, refreshed

With no more forgetfulness.

I remember by  the river.

I renew in the river.

The river takes me Home.

Colin Hall
Colin Hall

What now?

Colin Hall shares his talent at
Colin Hall shares his talent at

What now?

I would like to be at perfect peace….

perhaps for just a moment.

What now?

I have some chores to do, appointments to keep,

I do not have time to put healing first.

What now?

I am to surrender?

Right now?

I am to get out of Soul’s way

and breathe in the Sunlight of the Spirit?

Oh, this feels good.

This feels calm and right.

Oh, I do not know why I fought it.

Thank you, Creator,  for helping me

To sit still and wait for the “What now?

Poetess in the mountain trees  Banff National Park Canada - photo credit SOnny Alfredo Galea
Poetess in the mountain trees Banff National Park Canada – photo credit Sonny Alfredo Galea Sept 2008