New Years Eve celebration

"sweet smile" Meerkat
“sweet smile” Meerkat (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (…Smile..))
"Sharing smile!"
“Sharing smile!” (Photo credit: abhiomkar)

I celebrate the fact that I can breathe,

as the days before New Year’s Eve.

 What a mystery is that….

what a miracle we all are.  

How precious is the breath of life !  

There are not words to express my gratitude.  

This joy is permeating my very attitude.  

Thank you dear friend for walking these miles.  

Fire Poi at Needham's New Year's Eve celebrati...
Fire Poi at Needham’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Poi is a form of juggling originated by the Maori people in New Zealand. Fire poi takes the juggling to a whole new level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love you from forever….thanks for the smiles. 

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