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HK_largerUnruly Thoughts

Unruly thoughts are the enemy of the individual practicing the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. In contemplation, as the mind responds to different stimuli, thoughts crop up continuously.

Watch these thoughts as they arise. Soon you will be aware of thoughts following so closely one upon another that they resemble a river. Gaze unperturbed at the interminable flow of thoughts as if you were sitting on a riverbank watching the water flow past.

Do not try to stop any thought process at this stage, just rise above it. The effort to stop a thought from arising inevitably creates other thoughts. Leave unshaped any concept or idea which appears; become indifferent to these thoughts, neither trying to stop them nor fall under their influence. Work from the Atman Plane, the Soul region, unconcerned with what the mind has to say or how it acts.

Imagine the mind is like a small child looking with interest at a toy. The mind is nothing more than a small child which sometimes becomes unruly and wants attention. Handle the mind as you would a small child.

This stage is called the first resting place. If you are successful to this point, you will have attained freedom from the mental tyranny of thoughts and be ready for greater spiritual tasks.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Reach out…

Colin Hall
Colin Hall

I watch

as the writer

reaches for the quill, 

as the artist uses colour

and hones their skill.

I seek to learn

as the musician

strokes the right key

I wonder in amazement of all the harmony. 

All of nature begins to unfold

in the morning majestic sunrise

or in the evening’s reds and golds.

I am fulfilled in joyous gratitude

as the love of the Creator fills my life.

I reach out to another

to walk with them through strife.

I reach inward now to give thanks

at the end of my days

To live in loving service to share the love in praise.

MaryHelen Feris   Jasper National Park  2008
MaryHelen Ferris  Jasper National Park 2008

New Year`s Blessing for you

I wish you the joy and freedoms of my youth.

My wish for you
My wish for you

The delight of playing outside – kick the can, hide n seek and decorating mud pies with daisies.

I wish you the wisdom of my guides, teachers and elders who love unconditionally.

Most of all, I wish YOU to know you are worthy of giving yourself and others –

the highest and the best life has to offer.

Spiritual Exercise ~ Harold Klemp ~ Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Meeting the Light Giver     

Harold Klemp - eckankar.org
Harold Klemp – eckankar.org

Imagine that you are walking along a path that you’re very familiar with. Along one side of this walkway are lampposts topped with large globe-shaped lights. One of the lampposts has a ladder leaning against it. Go over and climb the ladder. Using the cloth and window cleaner that you brought with you, polish the glass globe very carefully, so that when the light goes on, it will shine through clearly.

Focus your attention on what you are doing, and really get into it. As you polish the globe, know that you are moving and expanding in your consciousness. Eventually a darkness will fall, because Soul is moving into areas It knows nothing about; and where there is no knowledge, there is no light. This applies only in the lower worlds as you work with Soul Travel.

As you notice that it’s getting dark, an automatic sensor switches the light on. You want to use this light to guide you as you continue your walk on the path to God, but you can’t very well carry a lamppost in your hand. So what you do now is visualize the thing getting smaller and smaller, until it becomes something you can conveniently hold in your hand.

Now resume your walk. But remember, there may be things along the path, such as the wind, that will try to put out the light. It’s best to be prepared for anything. Make sure your pockets are packed with extra batteries, matches, wicks, fuel, and flints—whatever your light needs. If the light goes out, don’t worry about it; just relight it.

Some people like to visualize unplugging an electric cord and switching to batteries. This symbolizes letting go of the silver cord. Now you are working with a self-contained battery pack, and you can go anywhere you want. But in case the batteries run down, you can always go back to the natural elements and use flints on the material you find around.

Like attracts like and light attracts light, so just keep walking and looking for another light. Somewhere on the path you will notice an individual coming toward you, totally illuminated with a silvery white light.

As he moves nearer, you will see that it is the Light Giver, the Mahanta.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Eckankar book: The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

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