F-35 fighter flown by thought, real information or… brainwashing? – 4ième Révolution

All aviation fans know “Firefox, the ultimate weapon”, this film of the 1980s where Clint Eastwood fled Soviet at the controls of the Firefox. This Hunter Soviet trendy, yet unmatched performance today inter alia… thought-controlled weapons system that we know

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Patrick Swayze & His Wife Dance Together – And Bring The Room To Their Feet In Tears.

21 years ago Patrick Swazye and his wife danced together for the first time on international television for a tribute to Whitney Houston. Before Patrick was an actor, he was a ballet dancer having taken classes from his mother and furthering his study at ballet school. Patrick and his wife first met in 1970 when Lisa was taking dance lessons from Patrick’s mother. They were high school sweethearts with a love and marriage that stayed strong until the very end.

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