Now is the time…


Now is the time

To sing your praise.

Now is the time

to feel the Creator’s gaze.

A soft wind caresses the trees.

Soul is moved deeply by the gentle breeze.

Now is the time

to give praise and rejoice.

Now is the time

to give service with one voice. 

Now is the time

for the Ancient of Days.

To be heard clearly and to  follow Its ways.


Fran Blackwell shares Hang On – Spiritual Endurance.


Spiritual Endurance

Life throws everything at us.

Even the proverbial kitchen sink

just to see if Soul will run like

a cripple crab back into its hole

where fear dwells,

If we/Soul succumb to falling for one of the

many illusions designed to trick and imprison

Soul, taking no survivors.

Yet, if Soul remains high on life’s survival scale.

The lifetime guarantee for Soul survival

is assured, for nothing can or will take It down.

Yes, nothing can touch a conscious being, an awakened Soul.

Unless… unless It loses Itself in one moment of forgetfulness.

Or unless, in a reactive moment

Soul forgets who another Soul Is.

The Spiritual Exercises of Holy Spirit

keep Soul remembering who and what It Is,

and that Soul equals Soul,


Thereby strengthens It to become more God like.

In keeping with being a Co worker with God,

Which is a spiritual requirement for Soul, for

then It is in accordance with Gods Will.

And is fulfilling ITS Golden Contract,

soul may ask, what is needed for this journey

to go the distance and beyond?

Soul IS

Eternal, filled with the vitality of

Love, Light and Sound.

Yes, spiritual endurance is

an enduring quality for

Soul growing into an incandescence lover of God

in ITS love affair with God.


Beyond Borders of Death ~ Don’t Cry for Me ~ Fran Blackwell

Beyond Borders of Death

May 11, 2014 at 9:13am
Fran Blackwell wrote this introduction:
This was a gift of love, given to me by my Husband, Edward Blackwell, after he had passed on into the worlds of God through the Portal of Death into Life, for Love never dies. I was sitting on my bed a few days after he passed, and I felt him sit down besides me , and he sang this song to my listening heart.

Don’t Cry for Me

1397829_665178970179011_636812300_oDon’t cry for me, though I’ve gone away,

I’ll never leave your heart.
I’ll speak to you in the voice of God.
Forever,  you walk in my soul.


Don’t cry for me
Though I cherish your tears.
They are the way your heart can heal.
I’m never far,
And you’re always near,
Between a smile and a tear.


Don’t cry for me,
You KNOW the beat goes on
In the breath of all living things,
I”ll sing life’s song,
Sacred rhythm drum,
Beating time at its own game.

Don’t cry for me –
I’m free

Somewhere…In Time ~ Fran Blackwell ~ guest author


May 3, 2014 at 7:03am

In Time 

Somewhere in time,
share yourself with someone,1397829_665178970179011_636812300_o
somewhere in time 
somewhere beyond time, beyond
the borders of restlessness, are the timeless
day mares displacing nightmare visions,
dancing on the shore of eternity
somewhere out of time, far out,
near in grace, share with some one,
the blessings compassion has taught you,
before forgetfulness sets in.
In other words, leaving empty spaces between
letters that weave understanding outstanding in words
that paint worlds of possibilities, arrested sentences
from whence they never came, are here just the same.
Somewhere, no where, anywhere,everywhere,
seekers search for meaning of what makes sense.
For all one knows is, well, not much if
one stops to think about it.
Don’t you know, better not to think
those thoughtless thoughts tumbling down,
down the rabbit hole, lightning strikes twice
burning away patterns that deny spiritual destiny.
Yet denial is not an option.
Get it, got it, forget it, going for it and yet, forsaking,
the true, real, of who you are.
Give yourself a break, cut yourself some slack.
Spirituality requires a knack that knocks loose
crusted cemented stonewalled and stalled,
jury dead locked deciding evidence beyond reasonable doubts,
doubting Thomas declaring, show me the bill,
what price to pay for spiritual ignorance.
Drowning in arrogance, retarded misconceptions,
no excuse, the law is the law, letter vs. spirit. 
Somewhere, somewhere, out there, inhere, the
sharing is easy, serving is easy, in the compassionate
wayfaring adventures of the spiritual travelers.
All for one, that band of Brotherhood,
yes, the far-seeing ones, delighting in each moment.
Stay hungry for Soul food: nourishment of heart and
spirit, feed Soul naked truth supplements on sale,
as we sail through the cosmic seas to become 
one for all again, and again, sacred sharing,
what are the elusive moments of knowing
beyond reasonable doubt?
There is certainty
of countless ways of counting blessings
brought to Soul each moment, only games have
leader boards, life is not a game,could be a test.
Somewhere in time it is found, life is real. 
So reach out and touch someone, love multiplies itself.
You find that once up on a time
someone shared of themselves, to you,
when it was most needed, a lifesaver,
just in time for you to remember, that what was shared,
was something you shared with someone,
somewhere in time, yes, what goes around comes around,
stirring Soul memory, Wow !!!
That someone is you, guilty or innocent
as charged, to serve with Divine Love. 
Rising in the morning mist of a new spiritual day,
new beginnings, start-up menu, the icons of
ones life, lifting higher, and higher,always
standing on holy ground.
The jury is in, the sentence is nothing less than
a lifetime sentence; it is so Divinely Ordered….
no time off for bad behavior, or good behavior,
for it is all the same, every experience is the Teacher,
We can always count on Life teaching us better.
So we learn to give and receive Divine Love
serving all life through a Compassionate Heart
somewhere in time.

Awakening as a lily …with Milly the Lily and artistry of Colin Hall

I was a very beautiful bulb…

folks said none finer.

I was planted in dirt and sent

to a department store…

my location was minor.

The cashier came for me in a bit of a hurry

the senior wanted to take me home

now, I would no longer worry.

I was placed in front of a mirror in the living room.

I was fed ormus in water until I would bloom.

I am trumpeting forth.

I am blooming blooms.

I am the joy of the senior.

She shares me with others.

I am awakening

in many hearts and rooms.

 So I just want to say dear hearts,

“It does not matter the manner

in which you are planted.

 It is the joy of the struggle

until you bloom

with all the love you are granted.”


Fran Blackwell shares “If I Could” as guest author

If I could love more,

If I could serve more,

If I could give more than I have to give,

If I could generate more ability to manifest the things of Spirit,

If I could let Holy Spirit use me 24/7 and be conscious of It’s movement through me at all times,

If I found you, Beloved One, waiting for me at the temple gates, open it I would,1397829_665178970179011_636812300_o

If I could enter your embrace within the softness of two yellow suns rising,

If I could find beauty within the darkest Soul, who’s heart is longing for the Light,

If I could give without judgment as to who to give to,

If I could know always, it is not my decision to know, just be the love,

If I could, I would not with hold anything of Myself in love,

If I could, I would not limit Myself in giving God Love, for it is not mine to keep,

If I could know the unknowable is what is inside of me,

If I could see myself as the Beloved sees me,

If I could change whatever is within me that is not of me,

If I could let spirit move through me into all the worlds of God unchanged,

If I could be a reflection of Gods True Image,

If I could look into the mirror of God, and see nothing,

If I could know the mirror reflects the light of ten thousand suns,

If I could know that I am that which I see burning in my eyes, looking out at me,

If I AM Self-realized, let me be numbered among the God Realized,

If I could know, I am without form, that  I too am

the formless,

If I could see the face of God in all things,

If I could give all that I have to anyone who ask,

If I could serve all life with no thought of self,

If I could give unselfishly all that I am,

If I could say, Do what you will with me each moment of Now,

If I could do all these things beyond time and space in this moment of Grace,

I could embrace, without reservation all the love you give me to give,

I could then say this moment is the moment I am fully awake in your Presence

I could then say, thank you God, for loving my mistakes , and showing me how to learn from them,

If I could, I would know true honesty is Soul’s beginning of the journey into the heart of God

If I could let everything be washed away, leaving  nothing, just bare bones bleached in the desert sun,

If I could see eternity and engorged on its silence,

I could know what Death knows

I could see there are no mysteries, no secrets,

I could see the simplicity of Gods Plan for the education of Soul,

I could give and receive Divine Love,

I could know beyond knowing Soul exists because of Gods love for Soul,

I could know there are no shadows in the Light and Sound

I could see Love is All there Is,

I could see the splendor that is, Love is All—All is Love

I could see I Am Love in all Its purity, and grace,

I could see I am the Fulfillment of Gods Love, and everything I have I will gladly give

If I could


Creator’s love…

I10006203_572647619500643_1439200576_n feel the Creator’s love as I go about my day. I see His blessings manifested in oh, so many ways.  It fills Soul in contemplation as I learn to surrender and obey. I am filled with wonder at the way  the wind dances in the trees. My eyes are flooded in joy as  the sunlight of the spirit shines through you and me. I hear the  wondrous music of His love in the ancient pine. I see His love in action in ways subtle yet profound. Each loving moment I learn from that mighty inner sound. His love is like a river as it flows about in this wee heart of mine.  The joy was over-flowing. I wondered what to do. Then I heard an inner nudge, I was to  send this love to you.