…one day at a time.” Today’s thought from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – with Karen Casey – “Keepers of the Wisdom”

Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

I didn’t really have a plan for a career, but I learned how to run our business quite successfully one day at a time.
–Joann Reed

Whether we have a specific plan for how we anticipate our lives unfolding or we react to opportunities spontaneously, we have to take whatever comes in small increments anyway. Life only happens a day at a time, regardless of who we are. Being “leveled” in this way is good for one’s humility. It’s also a relief to many of us. Living way into the future prevents us from appreciating whatever is happening at this moment.

There can be joyful excitement in the decision to squeeze the thrill out of every minute that comes to us. If we are practiced in living just one day at a time, we’ll not find this difficult. But many of us get caught in the struggle to control outcomes, circumstances, and people far into the future. Living a day at a time can feel like taking a giant step backward.

With practice, we’ll realize that living more slowly actually extends our lives because we’re able to truly experience each of the moments. Learning this, at any age, is a gift. Let’s rejoice in it.

Today offers me twenty-four hours of moments to be appreciated. I will do my best to love them.

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Harold Klemp – from his book – The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

HK_largerUnruly Thoughts

Unruly thoughts are the enemy of the individual practicing the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. In contemplation, as the mind responds to different stimuli, thoughts crop up continuously.

Watch these thoughts as they arise. Soon you will be aware of thoughts following so closely one upon another that they resemble a river. Gaze unperturbed at the interminable flow of thoughts as if you were sitting on a riverbank watching the water flow past.

Do not try to stop any thought process at this stage, just rise above it. The effort to stop a thought from arising inevitably creates other thoughts. Leave unshaped any concept or idea which appears; become indifferent to these thoughts, neither trying to stop them nor fall under their influence. Work from the Atman Plane, the Soul region, unconcerned with what the mind has to say or how it acts.

Imagine the mind is like a small child looking with interest at a toy. The mind is nothing more than a small child which sometimes becomes unruly and wants attention. Handle the mind as you would a small child.

This stage is called the first resting place. If you are successful to this point, you will have attained freedom from the mental tyranny of thoughts and be ready for greater spiritual tasks.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

My life is a canvas…

Morning glory - MaryHelen Ferris photo
Morning glory – MaryHelen Ferris photo

My life is a canvas…

May I show your beauty

You have created in every leaf and rock.

May I add color to another’s life by listening

and be gentle to their ears without my constant talk. 

May all the kindnesses you have given

to me be displayed in living colour.

May I give your love and beauty to another

By service through surrender in my life and in my walk. 

May I follow your pleadings and nudges with willingness,

Love and open-mindedness and not always balk.

May I fulfill my mission each moment, each hour, each day

By doing things in Thy name and walk the narrow Way.

Photo by MaryHelen Ferris with PicMonkey effects
Photo by MaryHelen Ferris with PicMonkey effects

Mystical, magical, moon in May with artistry of Jonas Weiss (and quote from Harold Klemp)

May 2015  artistry of Jonas Weiss - note copyright
May 2015 artistry of Jonas Weiss – note copyright

The mystical,  magical,  moon of May

Brings cleansing and joy in your heart to stay.

It comforts the adventuresome, the weary  and the bold, 

 all who listen from young to old. 

The night sky welcomes the wee traveler  home

To whistle, wander, wonder  where’er gratitude roams.

The song the moon sings,  from the Ancient One, 

Beats a tune in the heart  of the traveler till his day is done.

So listen with your heart’s ears and you will hear

A message of love forever clear.

You are my precious child in every way

“I am always with you.”

In your heart to stay.

“I am always with you.”  ~ Harold Klemp shared on http://eckankar.org

Artistry of Jonas Weiss -note copyright
Artistry of Jonas Weiss  please note copyright

Reach out…

Colin Hall
Colin Hall

I watch

as the writer

reaches for the quill, 

as the artist uses colour

and hones their skill.

I seek to learn

as the musician

strokes the right key

I wonder in amazement of all the harmony. 

All of nature begins to unfold

in the morning majestic sunrise

or in the evening’s reds and golds.

I am fulfilled in joyous gratitude

as the love of the Creator fills my life.

I reach out to another

to walk with them through strife.

I reach inward now to give thanks

at the end of my days

To live in loving service to share the love in praise.

MaryHelen Feris   Jasper National Park  2008
MaryHelen Ferris  Jasper National Park 2008