What Is? SOUL Knowing guest author Fran Blackwell


What Is?

October 4, 2014 at 9:54am

7de2abec-b051-493e-b0a6-ef6e1171766eSOUL Knowing

Oh the challenge,

It seems with thimbleful of awareness

everything should be smooth sailing…right?

The rub is, as long as we are in a physical

body, there is always more to learn,

It seems Soul is somehow

attached by an umbilical cord

to Human consciousness, Soul Consciousness.

It seems to me/Soul, I must

become as a fox in the hen-house,

finding ways to outfox the farmer(mind)

so that even while living in this human form,

created by the mind, for the imprisonment of Soul.

Soul, when it know who it is.transforms the prison

of the mind into a temple for Soul.

The mind wants Soul to be imprisoned,

Yes by its dictates, and mandates, it sends forth

brilliant illusions, of comfort, and complacency,

forgetfulness, dis ease, whatever the songs

illusion sings, and to the degree Soul accepts

these shadow truths, you get only what you

believe, not because you are wrong or right,

just because this is what you believe and accept

into your world of beingness…

Yet Soul has the power of Spirit, which empowers Soul

throughout ITS many journey’s of learning,

setting Soul to burn in ITS Holy Fire,

which coldly burns away false images,

the ones crafted by the Mind to seduce Soul.

Yet, Soul can be free by the power of

Its belief, which it can change in a heart beat.

Lifetimes come and go, the passions of the

mind keeps Soul entertained in their distractions,

keeping Soul wondering, Oh God, is this all there Is?

Bingo!!! Finally, one question, that when realized,

will break Soul free from the deceptions of the mind.

Now Soul rises to the call of Service.  Service,

the one choice, that brooks no interference…

Soul is learning how to open Its wings and fly….

to walk among the stars with the Beloved,

who speaks love and truth and trust within this

ancient promise “I am always with you”

And the heart responds with tears of gratitude, withheld

for lifetimes of lost hope, of wondering where

God is, and is this what life is? Yes the Beloved one

releases the tears of the heart, and wipes them away

with the cloth of tenderness and mercy and love,

and Soul is free…..but still must be ever watchful,

to defeat the mind, not let the mind through deceit

deter you/Soul to live within divine love

for with love compassion fills your

days and nights with the experience of knowing,

what heart ache is, and can give a listening ear,

and understanding heart, to those in need,

Does this mean Soul with be free of pain or sorrow,

or that It will never experience heartache,

no, for what Soul gains in liberation is the ability,

the capacity, the creativity, to keep the heart open

to more compassion, and more understanding.

For Soul has discovered the value of freedom

means the opportunity be cause or effect, by choice.

and the well-known statement ”to be or not to be”

takes on a new meaning, for

not to be is out of the question…

all Soul can BE is what it is, Soul.

Inherent is this, is the inheritance of God’s Kingdom,

so even though IT dwells at the temple within,

the mind no longer has power over Soul….

unless you/Soul accept what the mind is putting out…

The great change that occurs when Soul is awaken,

is Its recognition of the Beloved, now you know

you/Soul are never alone, and the Light and Sound,

increased your spiritual insight to 20-20, illuminating the

dangers, set to trip, to detour Soul from it

true home.

Knowing you are Soul, the light of thousands of

spiritual suns shine within you, you now know

how to know truth, love, why?

Be Cause you have the strength of self-honesty.

And the guidance and direction of the Beloved,

Soul is home free, as long as It LISTENS,

for truth stands alone, and its message speaks

every moment, in all the everyday lessons Spirit

gives Soul just so it can grow spiritually,

how cool is that? A s long as we/Soul hold the truth

of Gods presence in our life no matter

what outer circumstances appear to be,

Soul always dwells in the high worlds,

that is Its truth, as we live this love, this truth,

and sing HU, a love song to God

Grace displaces fear, and doubt has nowhere to hide.

Love has it on the run, Gods will is done.

For even though in human form, with still much to learn,

we are not earth-bound,

Yes in this lifetime, the learning is easy. Why?

Soul is learning is to be more Godlike.

which is easy when Soul knows the differences

between the webs of illusion, for IT has learned and

knows a greater reality.

I am in this world, but not of it.

I surrender…(with thX to Colin Hall for sharing the love and artistry)



I open my life,

my heart, my  hands, my head,  my home…

To be of service to those you send me “on loan.”

I open my Vision

that I may see

Ways to “be the change…“

less of self,  more like Thee.

I open up to the Ancient of Days

As I learn to walk the narrow way.

I surrender heart,  hands, head and home

As I walk with you in loving service

I am never alone. 


My life is full of pages

10372757_605569966208408_2460915555336845801_nMy life is full of pages

Your love an open book.

I have many stories I have lived.

Please come and take a look.

Your love has given me

Joy as boundless as the sea.

I  am blessed among many people.

I am glad you chose me  to be me. 10369137_605580562874015_5695937427796541963_n (1)

My life is full of pages.

Ofttimes  stories told to me;

How the Creator blesses us.

We are happy, Joyous and free.

My life is full of pages.

Now I see many pages that are blank

For this boundless love continues

And do know who to thank.

Spring tonic…


With spring I have greater mobility

 and am able to tend to 

gardening of my friendships

that depended on the phone and electronics.

Meeting with  folks IRL (in real life) is a  wondrous spring tonic. 

Laughter seems to be more frequent as I  am out and about.

Loving new and old friends empties my closets  of worries and doubts.

Art becomes my way of life.

Art in family fun. 

Painting more and writing less  as I can have the windows open

and enjoy the wide wonderful world. 

Here are some wonderful pieces of artistry  from Colin Hall`s

Spring Tonic photos.https://www.facebook.com/colin.hall.313?fref=ts


My heart goes wandering…with the artistry of Colin Hall



My heart goes wandering 

As it often will

To the places

I have lived and loved

To the places

I am living still.

The mountains call to me

They are a perfect sanctuary of  rest.

But it is in my “wee cabin” here

The place that I love best. 

Deep within the stillness

My heart goes wandering still

To share your  love that I am learning

From my portal deep within.

How thoughts of your sweet presence

start my day with a grin. 

My heart goes wandering

free as can be.

Counting all my blessings

Until your face I see.

I see your beauty

in the face of the child.

I see your love

in the flower growing wild.

My heart goes wandering

as I am surrendered to thy will.

Oh, the joy of the silence,

your  love my heart doth  fill. 



Stomping in my ducky boots…



I am not a ballerina

dancing in the rain

I am a red-necked crone

Stomping in my

ducky boots once again.

The “rains of lessons”

have soaked me

through and through.

I am surrendered completely

There is for the moment

nothing left  to do.

So I am stomping

in my ducky boots

The chores of spring have

got me stomping in the mud

The relief it is giving me

Is louder than a thud.

My heart is light

My joy complete

As I go stomping in the mud

With my ducky boots on my feet.


1794590_589304254501646_3824431891350910388_n (1)

Basking instead of asking…with the artistry of Colin Hall


Basking in the presence

Brings me joys unknown.

Basking in the presence

Takes me nearer to heaven`s Throne.

Basking in the presence

I feel the joys within.

Basking in the  presence.

Is how my day begins.

Standing in the Knowledge

I feel your Presence on the breeze.

“May I share this love with others always.”

I ask on “bended” knee.

I have had so many blessings.

I am learning your will.

I just have some trouble being quiet and still.

Some days,  I am not listening to your Voice.

Thanks for loving me so completely 

Especially when I felt I had no choice.

Basking in the presence

Brings me joys unknown.

Basking in the presence

Takes me nearer to heaven`s Throne.

Basking in the presence

I feel the joys within.

Basking in the presence

Is how my day begins.