I have called you

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Christmas Hurricane Lamp. Christmas Hurricane Lamp. (Photo credit: meg_williams)

The Lamp returns... The Lamp returns… (Photo credit: jamestraceur)

I have called you.

I will provide.

I will give you

all the compassion.

I will give you

all the love.

It is already there.

Deep inside.

I have called you.

I have set you free.


Hurricane Lamp Reflections Hurricane Lamp Reflections (Photo credit: jamestraceur)

From my deepest heart,

beloved Soul

You are free to BE.


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Happy Mabon

Many lifetimes I have done…

Today, I am remembering one.

With horse in hand 

I rode like the wind.

There was someone in need.

There was someone in want.

My saddlebags contained the herbs, 

my heart and hands the skill.

Would I make it in time?

Yes, of course,

I knew in my heart and will.

I had love and a good horse.

My hair flung loose

I journeyed on.

I sang within

A majik song.

I was a healer, 

A lover and friend.

In this lifetime, 

in the present, 

the now…

I am re-membering.

Happy Mabon to all those beloveds who celebrate it. 

Magik Mabon

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So glad to be old…(full moon humour)

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When I was young I worried. I worried, I would not find you. I worried, you would not like me. I worried, you would not understand me. Now, I am old I know… SWSWSW. (Some will, some won’t, so …

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