Before Morning Breaks

It’s Monday. Time to slip on your hot flash jacket, and head back to work. Like a female

pine cone squeezing its scales with humidity,  (yes, pine cones have gender) fabric woven with chemistry and British  voodoo will react to internal and external temperatures. (Developed by UK based  Centre for Biometric Technologies according to Gizmag)

Soon, women screaming obscenities and ripping clothing off in a hormonal red-faced flush will be a thing of the past. The jacket’s fibers open when it’s warm and shut snug when the idiot in the next cubicle opens a window during a snowstorm.

You don’t have this ensemble in your closet?  Then slip on your essential black pants that help with depression.

Yeah, I don’t have a pair either. Smart clothes aren’t  available at Macy’s yet, but they’re here.

I especially like the silks which are handily imbued with medicines or nanotube yarn. Your…

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