How an LED can Replace Two!

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A new up and coming review on


will talk heavily about the new Kobi K1N6 directional A21 LED light bulb. This 20-watt LED efficiently replaces a higher 125-watt incandescent light bulb but it really does more. You see this 125 watt light emitting diode bulb replaces two.

It’s shaped like a typical a perfect bulb you screw in a lamp or buy in your local store. So given that this can replace two bulbs in a home: imagine what it can do for governments, hotels, business buildings or hospitals.

Here are the rest of the specifications for the bulb from

Compliant with RoHS standards, containing no toxic lead or mercury and is UV- and IR-free

Built from durable, shatter-proof plastic with no filament, able to withstand vibration

UL rated for damp locations, perfect for indoor and outdoor applications

Endorsed by a 5-year warranty and provides 25,000 hours…

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