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This isn’t about writing well. It’s about writing fast. Now, off you go, speed demons. Go forth, and slam out a first draft as fast as your fingers can dance across the keyboard.

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Abigail’s 8th Birthday Wish- Donate Money to Help Pets Find Homes

Abigail will be turning eight years old in October 2014. She loves all animals, but she has a special fondness for dogs, cats and other creatures that can be considered pets. She was thrilled to be able to adopt Molly as her forever dog from Tails and Trails Rescue located in Greenwood, IndianaOn her own accord, she has asked that INSTEAD of presents, that folks donate money to help care for other pets that are in need of homes.


To visit the ocean at Thanksgiving

Our wish is to go to the Delaware/Maryland shore.

Bug wanted to go to the ocean and go fishing. He has High Functioning Autism, Ankylosing Spondylitis (a form of arthritis that effects the spine and eyes)and Celiac’s Disease(so he is on a gluten free diet). We had a wish to go fishing and it was granted.BUT he got sick and we didn’t get to finish our trip. Bug really wanted to fish and sit in the sand and have some fun and we would like to go try again. The only time we can is Nov 24-Dec 1 bec


The cleansing of the river…for ECK New Year

artistry of Colin Hall

artistry of Colin Hall

The cleansing of the river…

forever, calls me Home.

Home to the river.

It is my sanctuary.

No need to roam.

I must go down to the river…

the poet wrote…

To the lonely sea and the sky…wrote another.

We are all called to the river.

There is no reason to ask why.

When beneath its water I am blessed

Cleansed, renewed, refreshed

With no more forgetfulness.

I remember by  the river.

I renew in the river.

The river takes me Home.

Colin Hall

Colin Hall