Oh yes, I shall dream of thee again…

dsc00021His soft voice came from behind lips that smiled.

His eyes danced with mine, over centuries and miles.

The deep cedar wood smell of him, awakened memories,

Of many moments in a lifetime and many lifetimes in a moment.

Then darn, I woke up to the sound of the phone.

He was here.

He was real.

But, the phone called me away from his arms.

It called me away from the knowing of his charms.

I scrubbed the floor.

I made the bed.

“I shall dream of you again”

rang through my head.

That night when I returned form the city –

there was the smell of him again,

I could hear his laughter.

I cried in delight when I saw

a single red rose on my pillow.

Often, the Sunlight of the Spirit caresses Soul in the dream state to prepare it for the loving moments on their way.  And, just as often, the loving moments remembered.

ofist embeds penthouse loft for a bachelor into the heart of istanbul

the client’s love of the outdoors has driven the material selection and spatial manipulations.
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Best Music Theory Courses Online

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26 Nail-Biting Photos from the Bravest Photographers in the World

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