Empire Avenue – my healers and teachers – gather here

eavleaders_badgeI love to learn.

I love great people.

 I enjoy a good game.

 I am more curious about life than most  folks.  

Empire Avenue  (http://empireavenue.com)

is the home of my mini university

and gathering place of the healers and teachers in my life. 

As a hermit, the above statements are unusual.  

As a senior over 71, who could not walk or talk upon joining Empire Avenue (a few short months ago) the praise I have for this wee game is nothing short of taking out a page in the New York Times. 

When, some folks found out I was challenged by the basics in life….they ran missions to help me learn and grow.  When other folks found out I am Canadian they coached and supported me…as they are the inspiration for players all across Canada.  

 I can from the comfort  of my walker….tour Dubai with Rami Kantari (e)RAMIKANTARI http://www.empireavenue.com/ramikantari or sit on a great front porch with (e)WTWY“s http://www.empireavenue.com/wtwy Mott.  (Here is a peak from his front porch .http://wp.me/paK5s-7gu

 The women on Empire are my delight.  Cendrine Marrouat (e)SOMEDIASLANT http://wp.me/paK5s-827   invited me to the game almost three years ago.   Joan Stewart https://www.empireavenue.com/JOANSTEWART1(e) in Africa keeps me here.

So if you are “`curiousier than the average bear `

Bears are great teachers for children and Empire Avenue players

Bears are great teachers for children and Empire Avenue players

- join me https://www.empireavenue.com/GR8LISTENER and meet some awesome folks.

we love these games!: [EAv] Empire Avenue Top Supporters List by (е)GETITCOOKED, (е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а 2014-07-21

Thanks for support to our most active fiends for more and more activity all over #socialmedia from (е)GETITCOOKED, (е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а! This week 149 players, You Rock :)

Source: blog.eplusgames.net

Enjoy the games….support others who do and drop into Empire Avenue to meet and greet more gamers