The cleansing wind…

Colin Hall
Colin Hall
Fevers high
Tempers and temperatures rise
All is shifting and changing
Right before your eyes.
That which was
can never more be.
That which I am becoming
I did not see.
The cleansing wind begins to blow…
With its coming the heart does know.
Colin Hall
Colin Hall

Best Sleeping Techniques for Soul Travel ~ Harold Klemp ~ The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Harold Klemp ~
Harold Klemp ~
Best Sleeping Techniques for Soul Travel  There are three main steps to prepare yourself for Soul Travel in the dream state:
  1. Arrange your schedule to get as much sleep as needed to be fresh in the morning.
  2. For a few minutes before sleeping, read from one of the ECK books to signal your intent to pursue spiritual activity during sleep. I recommend The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One or Two, or Stranger by the River.
  3. At bedtime contemplate upon the image of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. In this spiritual exercise, give an invitation to the Master like this: “I welcome you into my heart as my home. Please enter it with joy.”
Then go to sleep as usual, but leave the eye of Soul alert to the coming of the teacher. Look for me, because I am always with you.—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK
By Harold Klemp
A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.
Eckankar book: The Spiritual Exercises of ECK
Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar Online Bookstore
Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God



10387578_666660430099361_4025727269978188755_nI stand at the edge of a mighty forest

beneath the mountain of God.

I discard my fears and worries

knowing with whom I trod.

I have been here before…

other mountains

other shores.

I know that I have lessons to learn

before I go to my last rest.

All that is required of me, now,

Is to unmask and do my best. 

I stand at the edge of a mighty forest

beneath the mountain of God.

I discard my fears and worries

knowing with whom I trod.


Reminder ~ Harold Klemp ~ The Spiritual Exercises of ECK


If you wish to Soul Travel while you are asleep, remind yourself of this several times during the day. For example, say to yourself, “Tonight I will Soul Travel in my dream.”

Your mind will accept ideas that are repeated more readily than ideas that are not repeated.

Visualize the kind of dream you want to have as though it were already happening. After you have pictured the dream, picture its results. Try playing a movie scene in your mind of how you will feel when you have the advice or help you seek from the Dream Master.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Snow storm…


The pounding of the snow

did not look like

any “Currier & Ives” gentle painting.

It was a sudden storm,

covering everything,

invigorating, enervating…

making you glad you are alive. 

It started within me a few days ago

As the barometer dropped

My wind and storm began to grow.

I did not want to set back my clock.

I did not want to be  confined to house.

I was not prepared to wait

for spring like a silent little mouse.

All I wanted to do was storm  and buck.

The winds grew louder.

The snow increased.

The folks were huddling on the streets.

All night long the outer storm blew

It has been said we will get an inch or two.

I watched the storm safe from inside.

I, also,  watched my inner storm subside.

On awakening with an extra hours sleep

All the world was covered shades of white,

Beige, fluffy and deep.

I have resigned  myself to the fact , now,

 that the deep contemplations of winter have begun.

The imposing, imprisoning silences

Will have their way.

The storm will abate.

We will go ride on the sleigh.


Now is the time…


Now is the time

To sing your praise.

Now is the time

to feel the Creator’s gaze.

A soft wind caresses the trees.

Soul is moved deeply by the gentle breeze.

Now is the time

to give praise and rejoice.

Now is the time

to give service with one voice. 

Now is the time

for the Ancient of Days.

To be heard clearly and to  follow Its ways.


Fran Blackwell ~ What If?

Fran & Ed Blackwell - Fran author- Fingerprints of God
Fran & Ed Blackwell – Fran author- Fingerprints of God

Fran Blackwell

What if

God, executed the first planned parenthood?

What if

Soul is a conception of planned “Godhood”?

What if

True conception by divine reception

of God’s Will willingly birthed Itself,,,holographic ally speaking

What if

God impregnated Itself, multiplying IT’S Divinity…

What if

Soul IS God’s Will?

Yes, a challenging thought beyond illusion

this is..Soul a Love Child of God,

Till in full consciousness Soul knows the ecstasy…

going beyond illusions of forgetting

to remember Love is All

God IS Love..

And Soul, What is Soul?

Soul lives, embodied in all living forms,

But is not the form

Soul is the formless Child of God

We are Soul…Gods will in motion..

To gain experiences to learn, to know,

all that I AM as the offspring

of the Almighty Creator, the

progeny of direct God Given Creativity,

With the Power of Loving Creation,

All Soul must do is choose


Self Will/God Will

And though all of Gods lesson plans for each of ITS Children,

Through all timeless illusion, Souls journey is ever going

by Gods Grace into the very heart of Its True Home.

This state of Grace is realized through gratitude and compassion,

The true cloak of humility that dresses Soul as it awakens

to Its truth….of the great love the Creator has for It,

Yes a love so great, so profound,nothing can ever compare.

What could this be you may wonder, It Is The Beloved Master,

The one who has been with each Soul since Its Conception,

Made by God ….just for love, just so Soul would never be alone,

even in Its darkest moments, the love of the Beloved lights

the way within, shadows leave when Gods light chases them

to a nowhere place, fear cannot erase the face of the Beloved

from God Grace, for this is called“Saving Grace”

for life experience has taught Soul It’s value as a

Child of God, and through Service IT knows

Soul is Gods Will in action

What If?

Oh, yes, she said…

79dc58a8-6196-45f0-b48c-7d339046fc43What is your greatest accomplishment today?

The young man asked in his twitter post.

“I got out of bed…that meant the most.”

When I was young and in my prime

I sang and danced all the time.

Now, I seem to dance with glee

As my body sometimes listens to me. 

I have parts that work.

I have parts that don’t.

I have things that will.

I have things that won’t.

So when you are past your seventies

And you try to make things rhyme…

Give thanks for your blessings every time. 

Roses after rain
Roses after rain