My love.

English: Crepuscular Rays and clouds over Paci...
English: Crepuscular Rays and clouds over Pacific. Français : Des rayons crépusculaires passent les nuages au dessus du Pacifique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thirst and am parched at the well of my longing for you.

I recall things from other times and places

Always the yearning, the slaking need for the infilling.

I see your face in the clouds and crowds.

I hear your voice on the wind and in the blue jays call.

I surrender my longing, my yearning, my will, my all.

I am yours dear Spirit.

Yielding,  I walk into the silence.

I serve with love.


Oh to be in Love Again

Oh , to be in love again

My heart sings this sweet refrain.

Oh  to take and feel very deeply

To dance and rejoice with no fear of pain.  

I want to give the caresses

I want to gamble it all.

I want to feel again.

But for now, I am locked inside my body

I cannot express.

I cannot touch.

Oh, I want to be in love again.

Yes, I want that very much.