Waterfall of blessings

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Standing under the waterfall

of  the Source’s blessings.

The abundance is caressing

 me  healing me

  covering me  

cleansing me  

Bringing me home

Back to the Sunlight of the Spirit

The “thundersing”

of the  waterfall

within myself

Is the Sound

I heard as a wee little mouse.

I followed the sound all my life.

I found it today

I am standing

under the waterfall

of Love’s Blessings. 

Author’s NOTE

This wee offering is an affirmation.

A spoken word visualization,

A prayer,

A contemplation,

Use it.  

Share it,  

Be it. 


What is freedom?

Photo by Sonny Alfredo Galea
If Winter is here can spring be far behind?

Is freedom a noun, a verb, an adverb….or complete joy in being oneself?

More importantly, how do I get there without surrender?

When I turn my will and my life over to the care of my higher power….

There are learning’s, love, listening, lessons in abundance hour by hour. 

English: A frozen waterfall on the Wappinger C...


Greetings dear hearts

waterfall (Photo credit: 3sth3r)
Outer Space Simulation
Outer Space Simulation (Photo credit: Sarai | Fotography)
Human cheek cells
Human cheek cells (Photo credit: CodonAUG)
Jajce waterfalls
Jajce waterfalls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


from a wonderful place.

My heart is soaring in outer space.

I am blessed by your friendship

and your grace.

I am glad we came to be

together in this human race.  

Now, lets take a moment….

not race, not run, not jump

on the spot.

 Let’s just be children

in our hearts

….thanks dear hearts that

 would mean a lot.

You are wonderful…for my Joesphine


Greetings, sweet Soul, my dear heart, my life, my friend. You are always here at my journey’s end.

I see music when you smile.

I hear waterfalls cascading in the mountains in your laughter.

I bask in the Sunlight of the Spirit when your thoughts touch Soul.

I linger in the dream with your kiss on my pillow.

I put love in the meal as your words touch my hands.

Your sense of humour warms a chilly winter wind.

Your wisdom fascinates me.

Your memory lingers as the scent

of beautiful roses wafts upon the wind of lifetimes.

I remember you.

10409727_605092399589498_1652420678394876979_nYou are my sense of joy in the midst of grief.

You are my reflection of strength when I cannot speak.

You are the gentle hand that reaches across my shoulder when I sleep.

You are the kiss on the back of my neck when I am too weary to stand.

Your voice is the melody that comforts me across the ages.

You are the words of love filling lonely empty pages.

You are the dance that moves my feet.

You are the painting of love I see but have yet to capture.

Yours is the love in the moment of rapture.

You are the song my heart sings.

You are enchanting.

You are wonderful.

You are you.10004076_605604572871614_5492754034215029864_n

You are the part of me I know so well.

You are the joy and laughter, no words can tell.

Nothing more need be said. 

I am going to dream you back to me.

I am going to bring you out of my  head. 

I am inviting you home.