The Calling within…

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The calling

of the bell upon  the steeple  hill,

It can be a joyous ringing or a deathly kind of knell. 

The calling

Of your dedication to your avocation

– the purpose which deep within  you dwells.

The calling of the muses

to be more of what you aint

To sing, to drum, to write, to quilt,  to paint.


The calling

Of all people to be  with  nature to be free.

The calling

of the people to  be more and more alert.

The calling

Of the masses to stop this un-earthly hurt.

The calling

of the sunset and sunrises

To give your life a perk

The calling

of the masses as up the hill they climb

The calling

of the wee ones….

come home  come home it is supper time.

The calling

of the music to set your spirit free

The calling of a dear friend

Oh, yes,  it could be me.

We are all called to be of service

To love, contemplate or pray

Sunset at Porto Covo
Sunset at Porto Covo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hear the voice it is calling 

Each moment of the day. 

To each is giving a calling

To shine in our own way.