Winter rainbows…artistry of Colin Hall on the Creator’s palette

644336_524652887633450_151888365_n (1)Often,  I need a rainbow to brighten up my day…

When the snow clouds and the blizzards have had their windy play.

I  can come into the livingroom where my lovely prism sits

To join in with the dancing beams of light as they pirouette and do the splits.

All the colours of the rainbow dance across my room.

They climb the walls  dashing brightly around my house banishing winter’s gloom.  

They remind of the rainbows I saw dancing across the snow in my friend’s photos about a week ago. 1472988_524255254339880_1946828077_n

How blessed I am to know the beauty of the rainbows’ as they dance within my heart, reminding me of the Creator’s presence from which I never have to part. 

This knowledge of the love of Creator gives my life a glow…

Like the winter rainbows that  I have come to know.


My House in Retz Come for Tea? with Colin Hall visual artistry

cloud ladders to RETZ
cloud ladders to RETZ  by Colin Hall


Until the winter storms pass…

I will go adventuring within.

I have to  clean my house in RETZ.….

change the curtains and put lilacs in the purple vase.

Between dances and lifetimes

I live in a home by the sea

in RETZ on Venus

…occasionally go there in the dream state.

My house has walls of glowing crystals

which provide rainbows of colour

in the most unexpected places.

Once, on the earth plane,

I was longing for a rainbow.

 There was one….

in the oil slick

just two feet ahead

of me in the parking lot.

 Awh, it took me to my house in RETZ.  

I entertain myself often

 especially when I am doing

an active contemplation

like the dishes or scrubbing a floor.  

Colin Hall
Colin Hall  artisty on his walkies   Elk River   Dec 2013

Often, while waiting

for the healing to come,

I hang out in my house in RETZ .

Would love it if you came for tea.

You will never know unless you try it….

 one never knows who may be there visiting or  teaching.

Taking me on a date

A powerful light shines in the dark.
Image via Wikipedia
Jupiter aurora. The bright spot at far left is...
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The snow is deep and it is time to sleep.

So I am going to take me on date.

I am going

across the great divide.

I am going

to keep my eyes open wide.

I am going

to dance among the stars.

I am now singing

with Jupiter and Mars.

I am taking

me on a date.

I do not need

to dress too fancy.

Just drop my

body and off I go.

To drop my body…

I go lie on the bed.

Just sit and relax

in a chair instead.

I close my eyes…

Visualizing the tiny light

between my eyes….

(you know the place

where your unicorn horn was)

Allow that tiny light

to appear on the screen.

It can be any colour…

or no colour ….

you know what I mean.

I invite that spark

of    light to grin...

to spread its light…

to come within.

Into every cell, moving silently, its love I know so well.

Watching the light move within, I smile, it grows into a grin…

As I begin to hear…a gentle sound…what is it…what can it be.

It is all of life singing back to me.

Just drop my body and off I go.

To drop my body…I go lie on the bed…

Just sit and relax in a chair instead…

I close my eyes…

I sing with the song of love moving within.

I hear the song moving me away…away ….away

Gently I am lifted slowly..going..going…gone.

I am among the stars…all the  multi-universe’s are singing along.

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