Standing in the Moment

Standing in the Moment
I can forever see.
The meteor shower takes me home
Beyond eternity.
Beyond this moment.
Beyond this time.
This bridge across forever
Takes me home to stay amist the stars
My loved Ones are are all waiting and watching
On that far distance shore.
Standing here in the Moment
I do not feel any more pain.
My heart is full of laughter
As I embrace the gentle rain.
I am Standing in the Moment
I can almost feel God’s grace.
I do not want to leave there…
But then, I turn and see your face.
I have loved you for forever.
Your beloved I will gladly me.
I see you smile.
You reach out your hand.
Then I awaken.
Oh, love I want you to know.
Standing here in the Moment.
My love for you just grows.
I do not want to just love you in the dreamscape.
I want to be yours for goodness sake.