The last of my family of origin……….rode away….almost a month ago today

English: John Wesley Hardin. Source: Old West ...
English: John Wesley Hardin. Source: Old West Gunfighters. Also available at Triangle Ranch and Old West Postcards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last of my family of origin…

rode away…

almost a month ago today. 

Would there have been more

damage had he stayed?  

The healing takes place slowly. 

The questions are now surrendered

to my loving higher power. 

I have ceased the anger….less every hour. 

The last of my family of origin…

rode away….

almost a month ago today.

A growing fear- walking in a highway – Guest Author – Niels-Jul Yrvin

A growing fear – walking in a highway
Every morning on the way to work I had to walk along a highway at night. A lot of long haul trucks used the road to be able to make their morning deliveries. At high-speed they were frightening monsters passing just a couple of feet away. I felt brave but I was scared too. I got this “what if” attitude. Every day I thought about this. What if an accident happens?
As an ECKist I have a best friend, Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. He is holding his my hand over me and protects me from harm’s way. I have to take care of my own life, but he watches in case there are lessons to be learnt. In this case I asked for help and said I was willing to learn the lessons that came with it. And the little drops of fear still kept coming. 
One cold spring morning the ice on the ponds had started to melt in the morning sun and the black ice was gone. I had got passed the stretch on the highway in one piece and relaxed. It was still some water on the parking lot, not deep enough to be above the soles of my winter shoes. The wind was blowing and the water had some ripples on it. No ice I sighed in relief. One step out in the water, and I knew. The black ice had not melted completely. Flat out in the air my head hit the bumper of the parked car just inches away from the tow hook. I ended up with some blood running down my face. A lady from a nearby shop drove me to the Emergency Room. Four small stitches were all I needed. And it was the best plastic surgeon on duty. It left no scar. Then the Mahanta guided me again, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”
With a little bandage and some visible blue bruises I was the major attraction for the school kids when I drove the school bus the next week. They were so caring. They wondered if it was painful and so on. They got a lot of wisdom that might benefit them in the future. It hurts a little when it happens but the pain goes away and what it would look like day by day. 
What really happened here? Why did the Master not intervene? Well, he helped me. He watched as I grew this karmic debt of fear that would finally cause a fatal accident. I had unconsciously been creating my own translation, holding on to this negative pattern of fear. And I did not know. 
In due time, he allowed a minor accident to happen. Missing the tow hook by inches he indicated it was close to a major accident. If I had hit it, I would not have been here today. The minor accident removed the grip of fear that had built up over years. Knowing this I was grateful and happy and I was able to let go of the negative thought pattern. The Master gave me a valuable lesson, and helped a group of school children learning that a few stitches and a bruise did not cause any major problems.
I thank you for teaching me to sing HU for protection and increasing the contact with my guardian Angel, the one that gave help in the day of great need.

Niels-Jul Yrvin – A Miracle saves a life – Guest Author

A Miracle saves a life.362_30888233073_7626_n

I drove a bus in the inner city. The wind was hurling around the corners. A young lady on a bike moved along the sidewalk. She had a large backpack. Passing a corner I noticed that the wind caught her. She was close to losing her balance. Everything went OK, when my intuition said, “If she loses her balance at the next corner you will not be able to stop the bus if she falls out in front.” Seconds later she lost her balance in the strong wind. I observed that she would fall out in front of the bus. My heart nearly stopped. No way could she straighten her bicycle. A split second later it was like a force grabbing her, straightening her up, and as if nothing had happened she continued her trip with her big back pack trying to keep her balance. Wow, I was filled with an amazing feeling of love. Astounded and happy for the outcome I continued my day on the streets of my dear city.

In an instant I thought, “What was this?” Someone or something saved her life and got me out of a life changing situation. Then it came to my mind. On a seminar, my Spiritual Guide, Sri Harold Klemp the Mahanta, The Living ECK Master stated, “You think that your life is hard, but that is when I already have removed the really tough experiences.” Contemplating on his words, I remembered my immediate reaction, “How do you do that, and what kind of experiences are you talking about?” 

Having that realization, I asked an inner question to my guide. “Was that you helping out in this situation, was this what you were talking about? Please give me a sign.” 

We have agreed that he will show me a waking dream, an outer signs when he helps out. Just after I asked him for a sign, a very special sports car came out from a gas station and into my lane. It is only one sports car of this kind in the whole city and I have never seen it in this part of town before. That was the sign I was looking for. It was my guide that had used the ECK, the wind of change, the Light and Sound of God to avoid a terrible accident. And the lady and I could move on with our lives.

I am so happy that my highly skilled teacher can reach out to guide, help and teach me through experiences in life. It definitely helped me to avoid difficult situations, and to stay focused. My part is to do my Spiritual Exercises to be able to communicate with him and to be more conscious of life. Thank you.

Niels-Jul Yrvin – Guest Author- A Starry Night (Unedited and published with Love)

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    A Starry Night-on the west Coast of Africa I started my Spiritual search.
    By Niels-Jul Yrvin
    At the time I was First Officer on a ship carrying ore from Australia to the factories in Europe. One starry night on the West coast of Africa I suddenly heard rain pouring down. I went over to switch on the window wipers, but it was all dry and the sky was cloudless. Wow, It must be a leak somewhere because the sound of water splashing down like rain. I run out on the bridge wing to look for leaks but it was all dry. Then I walked over to the side of the ship. I was astounded. Thousands of Dolphins jumped around the ship. Their splashes sounded like heavy rain. I was so much in awe of these wonderful beings in search of food where the Ocean currents meet. My heart was filled with love. The experience stayed with me for a long time.
    One year later I passed through the same area. The Chief Steward was on the bridge with me. I told him my Dolphin story when I discovered a ship on collision course. I hailed the ship and exchanged information. We went through an identification procedure and he asked me to stay on the same course and he would take evasive action to avoid collision according to the Marine Traffic rules. I was standing by the automatic pilot in case anything would happen. Suddenly I was out of my body over on the other ship hovering on the bridge. It was like in a very vivid dream. I heard the officer of the watch give his order to turn, and then the helmsman turned the rudder the wrong way. In the same instant I knew that there would be a collision if I did not act on the information received in this special way. I disconnected the automatic pilot and turned away from the situation. Nothing was going to hit me never mind what happened over on the other ship.
    A minute later the Chief Steward came running inn from the bridge wing, and said in a loud voice, “He is turning the wrong way.” I confirm it and said; “I know and I have disconnected the Auto pilot and am turning away. We are safe. Whatever he does, he will not hit us.” The Chief Steward said, “You cannot know that. I have the binoculars.” I was lost for words. He was right. There was no way I could have known. I could not tell him, I would be the laughing stock on the ship. What should I say, Then from some unknown source I got the information about what to answer. It caught me by surprise. “You know when the potatoes are ready boiled. I don’t. I have been a navigation officer for many years so it is my job to know when a ship turns.” He settled down, “The officer discovered the mistake, corrected it and all went well even if it was a close call for a few moments there.
    In my mind I knew, that I have experienced something that not many people know what is and I stated to myself, “I WANT TO KNOW MORE.” It was a start of a 12 year search. I read Illustrated Science magazines, UFO books, dream books, the bible, but mainly books that I loved to read. But none of them could state the reason for my experience. 
    Twelve years later I told this story to a friend and he said he was a member in an organization that knows something about Out of Body Experiences. I said to him, “That is ECKANKAR.” Astounded he looked at me, “Where have you heard about us”. I said I saw an advertisement in the newspaper 14 days ago about your information nights every week on Wednesdays. We have not advertised in one and a half year. Don’t you worry, “The Newspaper has probably reprinted it by mistake”. But I have it by the sofa in my living room. I bring it over tomorrow. Then I was surprised. There was no ad…
    Now I am an ECKist and have studied Soul Travel for 24 years. I found what I was looking for. One day I read. “The reason for being allowed to have an out of body experience is the love you felt for the dolphins. ” I knew the key to having these experiences is LOVE.
    Later I learnt that the ability to Love can be opened by singing the word HUuuuuuuu in a drawn out way like a Mantra. I also learnt that there is a group of teachers called the ECK Masters that have dedicate to help people of all faith to find divine Love in this lifetime. 
    With divine love 
    Niels-Jul Yrvin

Guest Author Niels-Jul Yrvin Miracles happen in our times too (Unedited and published with love)

Miracles happen in our times too.
Av Niels-Jul Yrvin
I was a captain on a Norwegian ship sailing along the East coast Africa. The Chief Engineer read the book The Mutiny on the Bounty. He really loved it as did I. He did not talk about anything else than how much he wanted to visit Mysterious Island in the south eastern Pacific, where the mutineers had settled. In my heart I wanted to help him. I said, “If we pass anywhere close, we can drop in.”
From the African East Coast to Pitcairn is not exactly a “drop in” distance, it is more like half the way around the world. Our ship was awaiting orders to pick up a cargo, sometimes when wishes are strong miracles may happen.
I was First Officer on the Sagafjord a Norwegian Cruise Liner ten years earlier in when she called at Pitcairn. Another trip would be interesting.
The day after the Chief expressed his wish we were ordered to sail for Hawaii. Close, but still far away from this dream Island of the Chief Engineer. When the final orders arrived we should head for the Strait of Magellan. I checked the course. It passed just 19 miles to the west of the Island. The Chief Engineer was exited. I called the Ship-owners and they responded that not only should we call on Pitcairn, but they would send a TV team from the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). And we could carry up to 19 passengers and some goods.
I contacted the Embassy on NZ. Instantly the communication lines onboard started to flow in with requests from all over the world. The next month was busy. I had no Idea that the Pitcairn network was so efficient. We took 19 Islanders home for Christmas. They came to Hawaii from all over the world and joined the ship. I remember bringing Christmas gifts from family members around the world to the Islanders. Many hearts opened. The Islands radio operator’s son got his favorite lemonade and candy from his grandmother I Norway. A ship calling the Island within a month before Christmas was a gift in itself. They only have a few ships calling each year.
We had a Crew Change on Hawaii so I had to hand over the ship to another Captain who made the trip, but the Chief Engineer was able to stay on. I got a thank you note in the newsletter after they had called with Goods and Passengers.
When I returned to the ship four month later the other captain said he was so happy that he had made the trip. It was an experience of a lifetime he said, just like it was for me ten years earlier.
The one that made this plan happen sent a ship half the way around the world made a lot of people happy. Was this a part of a greater plan or just a syncronicity? It was not until many years later I discovered how powerful Gods Love in action is. It still gives me an urge to help fulfill other people’s dreams. I call it to be a coworker with God.

Trans port ation

Milky Way
Milky Way (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A green and red Perseid meteor striking the sk...

Star Window
Star Window (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

“Trans port ation “

I leave my body far behind

I am out of  it.

I am 



Far,  far. away.


Back into 

the Arms of Love. 

I drift along.


But not alone.


but not Silent.


but not amazed.

I am One


Thee Alone. 

Moving, groving, healing and moving on

An inclined moving walkway at Beaudry metro st...
An inclined moving walkway at Beaudry metro station in Montreal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now the afternoon sun is slowing sinking in the west

I am thinking of all the changes as I go to my rest

My daughter was born in this month.

My Mother moved on.

Many many friends have relocated

It is a long time till dawn.

Dreaming on our star

Pleiades Star Cluster
Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Star Trails DV
Star Trails DV (Photo credit: satosphere)
Blue star
Blue star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each night at twilight

we meet

under the same star…

our star.

Each evening

the star falls

into my pillow

Into my heart

Now and forever

I am


on our star.