Time upon a once, or once upon a time?

Astronomical Clock (Astronomical Dial), Prague...

Time upon a once, in the days of old…

There was a body, who grew restless,

felt more of the  cold.

It had less and less  knowledge

of things of the past.

It had less and less knowledge

of things that did not last.

 It took to sleeping

at the most awkward of times:

At the computer, or doing the dishes…

or writing a rhyme

once even while shopping

the five and dime.

It spent Its time under the Sun,

in the land of dreams….

where we are all one.  

It was more and more,

in every passing day..

More like Soul…

more full of play.

 Society labelled It,

while It slept.

 They said it was aging.

 They said it was inept.

Little they knew

How much it took to forget

Who Soul had been

How not to regret

How much it all felt like a lie

They were told they were dying

When they were in reality

really becoming more and more alive.

This holy fire became more  intense

as the old one slept, joy jumped the fence.   

It planted the seeds

of love in its very depth.

 It nurtured and grew them

on each chance of sleep.  

Then the day came…

when love burst forth.

The old one was labelled “insane”.  

They laughed at life

with its pain and strife.

They met all challenges

with laughter and mirth.

They danced in the rain,

they rolled in the snow.

What would it take

for the old one to know,

that they were foolish?

that they had no tact!

no one of culture,

 would act like that!

 What would it take

for the critics to know

the deep abiding  love shared by the aging one

with everyone, whenever,  wherever they go?

Time upon a once, or once upon a time

you will come to know,

the things of which I speak.

when it your time to glow in 

the wisdom of the ancients hidden in this rhyme. 

Sextant (Photo credit: mcarpentier)

Oh Time, where did you go?

a Butterfly in the flower.
a Butterfly in the flower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.
English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ranunculus repens - Kruipende boterbloem
Ranunculus repens – Kruipende boterbloem (Photo credit: AnneTanne)
English: Buttercups ((Ranunculus repens) A fie...
English: Buttercups ((Ranunculus repens) A field of yellow between the Erewash and Nottingham canals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Persian buttercup blooming outside Conservator...
Persian buttercup blooming outside Conservatory of Flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh Time, where did you go?

One moment

I am  playing in the woodpile

behind Uncle Quentin’s shed:

Chasing butterflies

Putting buttercups under my chin

Smelling the new mown hay.

The next moment, 

or so it seems,

I am an Elder

listening to 

a young woman’s dreams. 

Oh, Time,

where did you go?

I sit

and watch

the breeze in the trees.

Wind flowing

through me.

I am at ease.



I come back 

into my body

I wonder

“Time, Where did you go?”