Gratitude attitude’s dance…..

Covered wagon with jackrabbit mules
Covered wagon with jackrabbit mules (Photo credit: Marion Doss)

Standing knee-deep

in the blessings

I am losing the pain

of the struggle.

The travail is

being lifted

 my life is in

a golden bubble.

How did I get to

be so blessed?

How did I

make it through?

How many hundreds of life times

Have I been wandering closer to you?

I knew of your presence in snippets.

I hold those memories dear.

I always gave thanks for the rain clouds.

I knew one day I would cheer.

I knew one day I would be happy.

I knew one day I would be home…

Me the perpetual traveller 

Need never,  never more roam.

I have found the peace and contentment

I can now lift the gold cup

To the lips of the parched traveller

Who is just about to give up.

My home is a palace of beauty

A sanctuary of praise

I will keep the light in the window

For fellow travelers to find their ways.

In the meantime, sweet Spirit

I lift my heart in praise.


Just when I needed you most

SunlightSolar system

stars (Photo credit: davedehetre)
Cone Nebula
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Breathing in the stars I walked across the moon

Then I returned to my body… way too soon!

I remembered how it felt, a million dreams ago

To have someone hold me close.

Someone to whom I could always go.

Someone whose laughter thrilled me.

Whose eyes danced with me in rain.

Someone whose gentle smile banished all my pain.

Now I am fully awakened.

I give my head a shake.

I have been alone for many years

Why would I long for you


for goodness sake.

I take my shower.

Sing my prayer song.

Then the Sunlight of the Spirit comes along…

Just when I needed you most.

Thank you sweet Spirit

My Guide and my Friend

May I feel your presence till my Journeys end.

Love for all Souls

Bitter winds

of winter brings

cleansing snow,


to the mountain top

as well as

to the valley down below.

So it is…

sweet Spirit`s song

brings the love


to each of us

all day long. 

We do not

have to earn it,

we can for ever yearn it…

The love is there,





calming love. 

`Soul exists because God loves It“ – Harold Klemp