Just be.

Be the Sunlight of the Spirit

As you walk the narrow way.

Be the laughter in your own life

Today and every day.

Be a blessing to you neighbour.

Be a shoulder for your friend.

Be the quiet place of solace.

Be compassion at the end.

Be the voice of reason 

When the whole world has gone astray.

Be the listening,  caring, love dear  heart

When all others go away.

Be the dew on the roses

Be the friend to self.

Be the kind compassion one

Put your  own troubles on the shelf.

Be the music in the song.

Be the sound of the drum. 

Be the color in the rainbow.

Be the voice in song.

Be the love for your beloved.

Be there for yourself all along.

Be there and be present

For others…

Be a friend to some.

Be the Sunlight of the Spirit

In all you say and do.

Be love, be kind, be yourself.

Be the living HU. 

Starting over

Each day a new incarnation.

Each day a new beginning.

Each day, each moment, each hour…

I can begin again to listen to my Higher Power.

Each day,  I am a new creation of love, of service, of joy….

When I allow the Sunlight of the Spirit to speak.

When I burn in the fire of Its holy love…

When its love burns on my cheek.

When I purify and become pure free of  alloy.

I stand then as one with the mountain.

I can be the cool mountain stream.

I can give out all of the loving

That is given to me in the dreams. 

I can begin again to listen to my Higher Power…

Each day, each moment, each hour. 


Photo No. AC86-0720-2 – Taken from Kuiper Airb...
Photo No. AC86-0720-2 – Taken from Kuiper Airborne Observatory, C141 aircraft April 8/9, 1986, New Zealand Expedition, Halley’s Comet crossing Milky Way. Disconnection of ion tail. Photo taken with equipment designed, mounted on the headring and operated by the Charleston (South Carolina) County School District CAN DO Project. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hear me, 

Great Soul,

the Guide and Chief of my Life.

I am broken, weak and in pain.

Help me to

step out into the

Sunlight of the Spirit again.

From this broken place

I see your face

The tears flow.

My heart knows.

Help me to surrender

my worries and cares.

Help me to practice

your presence

Knowing that you are always there.

Through the broken places.

Through the dark night of Soul.

Through the autumn of Divine discontent.

I felt you loving guidance

wherever I went.

Hear me, 

Great Soul, the Guide and Chief of my Life.

I surrender this pain.

I walk forward now.

Into the Sunlight of

your loving Spirit again.

Teach me your silence

as I walk the narrow way.

May I be more open

to listening, more deeply.

Starting today.

May I focus on the blessings,

like diamonds at my feet.

Forgiving myself

for not seeing them

when my heart felt only defeat.

May I share your love with others,

gently, quietly, quickly when needed.

Thank you Great Spirit

for hearing this Soul when it pleaded.

Forgive me for wandering

so far from your light.

Thank you for being with me

Soul now takes flight.

I come into the

presence of your love

waiting within.

I bask in the glow

of the Light and Sound.

I surrender more deeply.

I breathe in your love.

The blessings of Spirit now do abound. 

Sunlight Feed
Sunlight Feed (Photo credit: kennytyy)

Basking in the love-glow of rain and the Creator’s face

Rain (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

In the quiet

of the evening

Walking in the gentle rain

I can feel the feelings

 of peace, joy,  and gratitude

Soaking into Soul

from Spirit always

and once again. 

I can hear It

As it washes

Over me removing all the pain.

I am safe,

 loved and protected.

I walk with Thee on High.

There are no questions.

No need to ask why.

I do not doubt this moment.

I do not doubt my worth.

I want to surrender

To the rain…

To the quiet….

 Lay quietly

on the damp cool earth.

The gentle rain refreshes me

Penetrates me with the Sound

As it cleanses  Soul.

I can feel the Tsunami of Spirit

Renewing me. 

Making me whole.

(And, just in case my gratitude bank

Was not filled to overflowing

Mother’s umbrella of Love

Gives me a quiet knowing.)

I am safe in the arms

of the Sunlight of the Spirit

I am safe in my little home.

I  sit in this peaceful beauty.

I  visit you on the Inner.

I  enjoy the sunset that was not seen 

On this earth plane

 As it hid in the drops of the rain.

I  know that the rainbows will follow.

I  know the sun will rise again.

I  feel the joy of the rapture

Being embraced in the Creator‘s  arms

I know that deep abiding quiet.

I share that joy in this moment.

I  share that moment with you.

I can…..

“I can do all things through You

Who strengthens me.”

I lift up my Voice

In song.

I  sit in the quiet remembrance

Of other times,

other feelings,

other places,

other faces.

Or I can go


into this moment…

I can focus.

I can.

“Be here now.”

The Creator gently spoke

As He hid me embracing  me

Under His all-encompassing cloak.

I am renewed,



I want to take you by the hand.

Show you this wonderful moment.

Help you to share in it too.

Watch as you come to understand.

I want to my beloved friend

Give you a quiet smile in days to come

Be a reflection of “Life’s evening Son”.

I want to share this quiet moment

I want to bless you with it too.

I would like to send it now to you. 

For you to  use in days to come.

I will wrap it with a ribbon of gentle rain

Sprinkle some star-dust painted blue.

Do you feel it

embracing and renewing you?

Do you feel it making you whole?

Do you wish to have me remind you

Of this moment? 

Of this place?

Oh, yes my dear friend,

I will and I certainly can.

I am seeing you now

basking in the love glow

of His wondrous face. 


May the Sunlight of the Spirit…..An Elder’s Blessing (Prayer and Contemplation)

Sunlight (Photo credit: Dave Stokes)

May the

Sunlight of the Spirit


with you


May the




brings you


your pathway.

May the

path that you

are walking

be blessed

as it narrows.

May your

burdens and cares

be tossed into

Spirit’s wheelbarrow. 

Until you are


mind fully






with the arms



May the


and essence

of the

Sunlight of the Spirit

from the sacred place

within you





May you


how appreciated

and loved you are.

Thank you for sharing

the Sunlight of your Spirit with me.



Ready to receive

Sunlight (Photo credit: Alan 0NL1nE)

Sunlight and Dogwoods

Sunlight (Photo credit: Dave Stokes)
Sunlight Feed
Sunlight Feed (Photo credit: kennytyy)
Sunlight on a wall
Sunlight on a wall (Photo credit: g0j0)

Humbled, broken, remodeled, renewed…

I am ready to receive your Love.

I step boldly forward

into the Sunlight of the Spirit.

I take your hand

into my Inner Worlds.

I heal and surrender to love another Day.

In the Company of the Sunlight of the Spirit……..

Greeting Card, ca 1900.
Greeting Card, ca 1900. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fairies in the pansies.

Divas in the roses.

There is more love surrounding one

Than any dear heart supposes. 

Butterflies on the blossoms.

Dragonflies alight.

The ladybugs doing a merry dance.

A myriad number of ants prancing to and fro.

There is a lot of love in the garden

Full of sound and light

It is a loving healing place

More than sheer delight. 

Song birds fill the trees.

Robins sing their loving song

In tribute to the Source. 

Magpies, crows and ravens

All are welcome to come along. 

The trees play host of course.

The clouds and sunlight

paint a mural of love and praise.

The Sunlight of the Spirit

kisses Soul in so many ways. 

Walking in the Sunlight of Spirit

Sunlight, Trees
Sunlight, Trees (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)
Sunlight and Dogwoods
Sunlight and Dogwoods (Photo credit: fdtate)
Sunlight Feed
Sunlight Feed (Photo credit: kennytyy)
Sunlight (Photo credit: Dave Stokes)
Sunlight (Photo credit: Alan 0NL1nE)
English: Spraybows sunlight refracting through...
English: Spraybows sunlight refracting through the spray from the waterfall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walking in the Sunlight of the Spirit

Every action is a prayer

Every laughter is a mantra

Every smile a blessing

Every thought a gift of service.

I dance with the joy of the day.

I am blessed above all when Spirit has its way.