I will be with you when you say your ‘byes’

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My dear friend,
The wake was tonight.
The funeral tomorrow.
I want to protect you from all that is so raw, so new.
However, if I truly love you
I will be with you when you say your ‘byes’.

“Put me in your pocket…so I’ll be close to you
No more will you be lonely, no more will you be blue.”
I do not have a magic marker to take away the pain.
I do not have the answers why you can see only rain.

I do not know the season
the date
the time of year
But believe me, it will happen
“You will be able to see your way clear.”

Do not stop the feelings, do not stop the pain
Do not stop the crying (there is so much more to gain)
When you kneel before your loved one
Know that they are going to the “Altar of the King”
That your sorrow maybe the footprints
That they can follow Home.

They have loved you from forever.
Forever yours they’ll be.
I will be with you in the morning
When you say your ‘byes’.
I will be with you in the evening
When all you can ask is “Why?

Iwill  be with in the noontime

when your sorrow shows at work.
I will hold your hand.
I understand.
My love can be a perk.

I have recently lost my elders.
I know the pain has taken its toll.
But the love of the Comforter
The Great Spirit
Helps to keep me whole.

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I will be with you in the morning
When you say your ‘byes’.
Look over your shoulder
Your Higher Power is walking with you.
The love of the Master
Will see you through.