The frozen river…

Sonny Alfredo Galea
Sonny Alfredo Galea

There once was a river

frozen deep inside.

Nothing could melt it.

God knows I tried. 

Then, after years on this inner quest,

the Sunlight of the Spirit

took a mighty hold.

The frozen river’s ice 

was turned to purest gold.

Soul could now rest.

Snowing in Spring

Frozen delight   - Sonny Alfredo Galea - Wild Wilderness Photography
Frozen delight – Sonny Alfredo Galea – Wild Wilderness Photography

Why is it that snowfall in late spring

is always greeted with unprintable words?

After the wonderful lessons of the winter,

why are we overwhelmed with

just one more snowfall or blizzard?

Is it because the lessons of winter

are not finished

or that we have taken off the snow tires?

How can we be tricked into thinking

winter is finished with us?

Have we forgotten the blizzard on the 24th of May?

What about the  frost

that killed  all the tomato plants in late June?

And, last but not least, how could some wee flakes

interfere with one’s serenity?

(Cuz, it is the weekend – darn it)

Moonlight by Sonny Alfredo Galea   Wild Wilderness Photography
Moonlight by Sonny Alfredo Galea Wild Wilderness Photography

Recline, repose, rejuvenate

Trees are my sanctuary
Trees are my sanctuary  Photo credit  Sonny Alfredo Galea   Jasper National Park   Sept 2008

Recline, repose, rejuvenate,

are all great things to invigorate

the physical body.  

But, me, I want more.  

I want to dream adventures

deep on the forest floor.

 I want to sink beneath the pine.

 I want to bask in cedar.

I want to be so refreshed…

(That I can hardly wait

to tell the cleaning lady,

I don’t need her).

 I want to be so renewed

that I can do it all my self.

But in the interim,

 I will rest

and put my ego

on the shelf. 

The winter winds blow dark and cold,

I must admit that I am growing old.

My spirit is not that of  a quitter.  

I have been,  oh , so blessed, 

by my angel baby-sitters.

 I have loved ones, and friends

whose love surround,

as I bask in the love

of the light and sound.  

I truly love to recline,

rejuvenate and repose.

I have chores on the morrow

which I have to dispose.

 I am the dreaming poet.

 I am so very  blessed

throughout my life.

 I am coming now,  beloved,  

to be thy dreaming wife. 

Full moon in January for little Christmas

Thank you WahZ

The Light Brings you Home

English: Moon
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How many special things can you celebrate in one day

All the gratitude of being able to see, hear, speak, laugh and love

Multiplied by the kazillions because you have freedom.

How blessed we are to enjoy this bounty.

The wonderful things in one day from a childs smile

To friendships with women around the world….

Life is so full and rich.

The moon is truly full.

So is my heart.

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Fevered Journey


Photo credit – Sonny Galea- Wild Wilderness Photography    Jasper National Park Canada Sept 2008

The fever distorts

the little reality that I know.

I live in the moment 

“beyond the beyond”

I see beauty in Its perfect array.

I cling to the moment.

I live in the beauty

of the sublime.

I will be sad.

when the fever subsides.

For back to reality,

 I must abide. 

But for the moment

It is the beloved

imagination I ride.


 Photo by MaryHelen Ferris -Jasper National Park Canada – Sept 2008