Snowy Sunday solitudes’ of silence soliloquy

English: Dog out for a walk in the snow Dog ou...

English: Dog out for a walk in the snow Dog out for a walk on a snowy Sunday in Braemar. Taken in the car park facing the church that can just be seen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Snowy Sunday in Necton Taken at junct...

English: Snowy Sunday in Necton Taken at junction of Rams Lane and Hale Road 11.30 am. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A snowy Sunday in Bedhampton Looking ...

English: A snowy Sunday in Bedhampton Looking from garden in Woodstock Road towards houses in Talbot Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you explain the beauty of the silence

of the snow to someone who needs the roar of the ocean?

How can you explain the comfort of a fireplace

to someone who needs 80 degree weather?

We are all travelers now.

One moment in the midst of the storm…

the next in its protective eye.

It is all good.

Nothing needs explaining.

{If it does, then you are with the one whose questions will never stop.

I was there.

Now when  counting the blessings

I have in my life…I start with you.

One of them, dear heart, is you.

You are the inspiration for my 

Snowy Sunday solitudes’ of silence soliloquy

Now that is a good sized snow shovel at Calgar...

My Sister of Winds brings you love…

Snow Covered Road In Indian Battle Park; Viadu...

Snow Covered Road In Indian Battle Park; Viaduct In Background (Photo credit: Galt Museum & Archives on The Commons)  Lethbridge Alberta Canada

Snow in the Mountains

Snow in the Mountains (Photo credit: joinash)

The first snowfall of winter came early in the day. 
All the young ones in the family were traveling. 
HUsband was away. I watched the snow swirling in the wind.
It covered the roses still in bloom.
I asked the wind  “Where have you  been?”
My Sister  of the  Wind spoke.
I have been at the ocean, 
I brought the waves to shore.
I skipped over the mountains.
I wanted to see more.
I flew under the eagle’s wings.
I caressed the pine.
I made the clouds mine. 
I made the trees sing.
I danced higher
Higher still.
Always learning the Creator‘s will.
I came to greet you
in your mountain home.
I gathered some friends
We heard you singing a tone. 
We are going to be here for many hours.
Do you have candles
when our storm brewing turns off the power?
I brought my sisters, Hail and Ice
They might make things pretty in a day or thrice. 
The Wind I am .
The Wind I will always be.
I have lessons to share with thee.
Gather the blankets.
Tarp up the wood.
Prepare for the feasting.
Trim the lanterns to greet the travelers.
Stoke up the fire.
The cleansing in this storm
Will make clear the intentions and desires.
Winter comes early in your mountain home. 
I am staying for a few months now, no need to roam.
I will tell you of my travels.
I will bring you every leaf and flower.
I will teach you of the beauty of the freedom of the wind. 
I will instruct you how to bend in surrender to your Higher Power. 
I am your Sister of the Winds. 
I will tell you stories in my  voice late at night.
I have carried them for centuries.
{Do you know how to write?}
Will you tell your gentle dear hearts
about  the love in all of  creation,
every leaf, rock and stone?
Most of all,   tell them
of the love of the Creator.
Tell them they are not alone. 
Lower photo taken after the blizzard in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada –  late Spring 2013.     Webcam   MaryHelen Ferris at Uncle Buffalo’s.  The snow,  freezing rain,  & Ice pelted the window. Froze in place.  Stayed that way for several hours. It was rare to get the wind from that direction.

66,666 Total views on a totally snowed in day


Popcorn snow pattern

Upon awakening,

 the screens of my window were covered with snow.  

I had not seen this pattern of the wind

and snow in all the time I have lived here. 

I wrote for a while.  

I came to my blog…..there were 66,666 total hits. 

I put the pattern on the window together

with the reblogs, contributors, guest authors to see

 that one word at a time…..or one snowflake at a time….

something beautiful is in my life.

I am sharing the moment with you in gratitude.

May you find the beautiful pattern in your life today.

Thank you for being in my life and helping me see the beautiful world I live in .


More snow in the wind

Gathering in for the storm….

Homemade bread

Homemade bread (Photo credit: beatneko)

Severe Weather Bulletin issued by Environment Canada at 3:37 PM MST Thursday 10 January 2013. ——————————————————————— Watches/warnings in effect for southern Alberta… Snowfall warning for: Medicine Hat – Bow Island – Suffield Cypress Hills Provincial Park – Foremost Lethbridge – Taber – Milk River Cardston – Fort Macleod – Magrath crowsnest pass – Pincher creek – Waterton lakes Nat. Park. Heavy snowfall and localized blowing snow tonight.——————————————————————— ==Discussion== an intense low pressure system moving through Montana has spread heavy snowfall into southern Alberta today. Gusty north winds continue to reduce visibility in blowing snow in some areas. The gusty winds will diminish this evening. 5 to 13 centimetres of snow has fallen this afternoon through most of southern Alberta. An additional 10 centimetres can be expected in the eastern portions overnight, with only 5 to 10 centimetres expected west of lethbridge to the foothills. The heaviest snowfall is expected to be near the Cypress hills and closer to the Saskatchewan border. The snow is expected to taper off Friday morning.

The blizzard comes on “sneaky feet”,

with wind snow, ice,  and sleet.

One more last run to gather in,

all the ingredients for the bin.

Shoveling the walk does not last,

we have to wait till the storm is past.

 The freezer now full with filling meals, …

safe and warm is how it feels.

Now to cozy up the house with wondrous smells, 

I am making bread so “all will be well”. 

Rainbows making happy tracks in many snows

Today the storm has  been clearing.

Now the snow is endearing.

The shovels come out

while the children play

The rainbows forming

in the snow drifts way.

The snow forts are built.

The world is in a happy tilt.

Shouts of laughter

are delightful goodness knows

While rainbows are making

happy tracks in many snows. 

Snow Fort

Snow Fort (Photo credit: DeaPeaJay)


The fire within dedicated to abichica

Prairie grass in the snow

Prairie grass in the snow (Photo credit: smithco)

Snowed trees on mount Brocken, Harz, Germany

Taken in Megeve, France
Taken in Megeve, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The thickness of the snow shows me the lightness of Soul.

  I recall many miles trekking

through the snow and ice to feed the livestock.

Bundled up against the -40 degree weather (in Northern Alberta, Canada)

I was so heavily clothed I could barely walk.

  I loved the animals. I fed them.  Sang to them and gave them love.

Marching back to the cabin

(with the fresh chop in the five gallon pails

to heat in the  dugout water on the wood cook stove)

I welcomed the fire within.

 Now, that I am all citified,

I watch the pretty snowflakes

as they fall around the cars, the yard and the trees.  

Welcomed by the fire within.

(I  smile as it has been snowing for two days

and shows no signs of stopping.)

 This is the time of the deep inner work of spirit.

 This is the winter time.

A time  for the cleansing

and listening to roaring of the holy fire within.

 I turn to the inner as I pull the blanket

over my lap and sing in my “ rockin-rocking chair“. 

Welcomed by the fire within.


Fireplace (Photo credit: tkw954)

The snow came…..upon the lawn

Snow covered mountains in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

Snow covered mountains in Ghazni, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Driving over snow covered mountain pass

Driving over snow covered mountain pass (Photo credit: The U.S. Army)

Trees in foreground, snow covered mountain in ...

Trees in foreground, snow covered mountain in background, “Long’s Peak from North, Rocky Mountain National Park,” Colorado. (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

View of plateau, snow covered mountain in back...

View of plateau, snow covered mountain in background, “Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park,” Colorado. (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

I was as excited as a wee child….the snow had come.

Giant marshmallow drifts upon the lawn.

I was ready.

I enjoy the solitude that winter brings.

It heightens the serenity

the peace of mind

Valley, snow covered mountains in background, ...

Valley, snow covered mountains in background, “In Glacier National Park,” Montana. (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

It makes my heart sing.

I love living in a Northern clime….

It brings out the adventurous spirit

in this heart of mine. 

Gentle giants dance within the mountains

it is cold down here on earth

it is cold down here on earth (Photo credit: timojazz)

Toronto snow angel

Image via Wikipedia

A child making a snow angel in shallow snow.

Image via Wikipedia

In the fresh powdery snow

the children climbed up the hill with their sleds.

The young mother`s dropped

their cares of the day 

made snow angels with their angels.

The old woman fell into the snow,

making a snow angel

surrendered all of her life to the wind.

Finding gentle giants

who were dancing

within the mountains

Now were dancing

within her very being

as she made snow angels

with all of Mother Nature.

The old crone lingered in the powder and arose renewed.