Soul awakens….

Wind Cloud is here!

Wind / Clouds / Moon
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HU-a love song to God

I have slept deeply dreaming for a hundred thousand lifetimes…content in my divine discontent.

Then the miracle happened.

Soul heard the still small voice.

It was on the wind.

It was within me.

It was in every sound.

It flooded Soul.

Soul was safe.

Soul was home.

Soul was free.


What will it take

Northern Lights
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Denali Rainshower - Alaska -  Mountains
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Georgian mountain.
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Alaska - Klondike Highway - Mountain
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What roads must you

travel until you find home?

What byways?  

what highways?

how long will you roam?

What drives you ?

what moves you?

for what do you seek?

When you are ready to make the choice

The answers are within you…in the still small voice.

The university of learning has been with you all the while.

I know you are listening, I can see it in your smile.

What roads must you

travel until you find home?

What byways?  

what highways?

how long will you roam?

The Journey….revisited.

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The Journey

January 22, 2008 by greatpoetrymhf | Edit

I knew in a moment,

it just had to be true

There was more to life

than just me and you.

What was the meaning?

How would I know?

Did this life have a purpose?

I had to find out.
Who would I ask?

 Where would I go?

Was there someone

who knew how it flowed?

I looked in a bottle.

I looked in the drug.

All that I felt then was that I was a slug.

My Journey took me

at a break neck speed.
Not words of caution,

no one, did I heed.
The highways,

the byways,

the “wages of sin”:
They all called to me.

They all lured me in.

I knew then

that I would spiral down.

I hit the bottom.

There was no prize, no crown.

I was at my lowest.

There was nowhere to go.

I thought “What the hell, I could always pray.”

Did not know if God existed.

Where could He be?

What would I say?

In that moment,

I surrendered I said (on my knees)

God if you exist…

“God, if you’re listening…

I need help please.”

There was no crash

of  lightening

 no thunder roar.

A still small Voice said,


to the Shore.


for My Hand.

I will teach

you more.

You are my precious Child

I welcome you Home.

You can release the addiction.

Just bow your head.

Believe that this Journey

has brought you to Me.

You have been

looking searching,

You just couldn’t see

 I created you.

I loved you more.

I was always within you.

Your hunger,

your thirst

was always for Me.”

I was crying

and laughing .

I was set free

It just couldn’t be.

There was Someone who loved me

I had searched by the hour.
He had always been there…
It was my Higher Power.
((So, if on your Journey
You need to find rest
Take a look for the 12 Steps,
“Recovery” its called
You will truly be blessed)).

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