Winter rainbows…artistry of Colin Hall on the Creator’s palette

644336_524652887633450_151888365_n (1)Often,  I need a rainbow to brighten up my day…

When the snow clouds and the blizzards have had their windy play.

I  can come into the livingroom where my lovely prism sits

To join in with the dancing beams of light as they pirouette and do the splits.

All the colours of the rainbow dance across my room.

They climb the walls  dashing brightly around my house banishing winter’s gloom.  

They remind of the rainbows I saw dancing across the snow in my friend’s photos about a week ago. 1472988_524255254339880_1946828077_n

How blessed I am to know the beauty of the rainbows’ as they dance within my heart, reminding me of the Creator’s presence from which I never have to part. 

This knowledge of the love of Creator gives my life a glow…

Like the winter rainbows that  I have come to know.

Light the lanterns…I have arrived Kathleen Dean Dec 28 2014

English: Chinese lanterns in the nightsky of L...
English: Chinese lanterns in the nightsky of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Light the lanterns…I have arrived Kathleen Dean ~ Dec 28, 2014

Your memories called out to me; I walked to your heart and found my own.

I almost imagined your smile; like an unfinished letter, it was impossible to call you back.

At your death, they painfully denied my request to go with you.

“Is it the fare?” I asked. “There is enough money.

Maybe I need to get my bag packed first.

Do I need to call anyone? Why can’t I go too?”

The guardian at the door stood silent not answering a single question.

Then replied,

“I must turn you away is not your turn, not yet, some day.”

Despite his remark, I decided to wait feeling that if he saw my pain the Almighty might change his mind.

I shouted,

“I will grab a brick and break a window!”

I was prepared to explain what a wonderful husband you were. Surely, he will understand how much I will miss you.

“I am willing to pay the fee.”

No amount of money or tears will bring you back. Truth is you have never left.

I move on through the days and nights opening up each one carefully with the knowledge that I would find a glimpse of your, our, life.

There they were I eagerly started toward them. Our wedding day; the first thing I saw was you sitting in the ER at Mercy Hospital because you had rice stuck in your left ear.

English: Traditional street lanterns
English: Traditional street lanterns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The nurse laughed, “So you’re the reason I could not sleep, all those cars that were being driven up and down my street blowing their horns. Maybe I ought to leave that rice in there.”

We felt so lost when the bank manager rejected our request for a loan. We had applied in not one, but three different banks to purchase a home. To think they claimed we were too young.

Grandpa Brown told us not to worry, “Buying a house was like catching a street car. Another one would come along.”

A month later, we were able to get our dream place along the shores of Knox Lake.

Not all doors open up into a pleasant memory. There are some where no one answers my calls for help. In my darkest hours, I sense thee,  by smell of laughter mixed in with shades of light as the sun peeps over the trees.

Shaking off depression I feel more than hear a voice,

“This will work out you are not alone.”

So far, I have managed not to do myself in, cause an accident, or bodily injury. Some mornings I must look like the wicked witch of the west though.

It is amazing what a bath and a little make-up can do for a body.

“So where do you think you’re going?”

Ramadan lanterns from below, Road 9, Maadi, Ca...
Ramadan lanterns from below, Road 9, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…I do not know.

I was beginning to believe that there were no more rooms left… all vacant, all dark.

Pain lurks in the shadows, I have found book of matches that will light my way.

There are many days and years ahead for me. They are pointing towards tomorrow, carefully selected.

Light the lanterns. I have arrived.


My thank you… for the tree of life pendant

The tree of life Is a hand-made pendant 
made for me by Brandie Sunley…my niece..
Brandie Sunleyas per the Creator‘s decree.
It was made with love, like you and I, stretching upward to the sky.
Intricate, colourful, created  with care.  I shall  wear it everywhere.
We are all  like the pendant woven together, each  with our own talent and gift.

Each moment, a blessing, a lesson, a story, a parable to give your heart a lift. 

This wee tree of life, has opened my heart. Its  joy and the gratitude  I wish to impart.

 The wondrous maiden, creator of the gift, is a Mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and friend.

 She is the Mother of my great-niece and great-nephew. Her talent knows no end. 

The healing in this pendant is hard to express. It has moved me very deeply. It is an instrument of passion, compassion..much, much, more,, but I digress!

The love in pendant brings forward to me that we are all together under the Creator’s tree. Tying together my family, friends, dear hearts, loved ones,  even those on the far distant shore. It is so full of love, need I say more?

Thank you dear Brandie, for making this gift. I watch in wonder at the  hours you spend creating, giving, planning, editing, to give others a lift. Your heart always bends. Your calming nature, your great photography. I am always in awe of them. Now I can  carry this symbol of  your talent and love with me.

 Each bead, is a blessing. Each twist of the wire,  A gift made of  love and an artist’s desire.

I shall step into this pendant and find….

558636_10151641123537102_202327227_nMore trees of life before I recline.

From some copper wire, beads you have made a treasure divine.

That reaches deeply into this heart of mine. 

The grace and the beauty of each copper coil’s turn

Is a teaching, a blessing, and something to learn. 

The spaces in our lives, as we grow and branch out

Is the dance of our faith, our talent, our doubt.

All working together in a harmonious blend.

I love this pendant.  Thank  you my Friend.

Snapshot_20131224photo taken by Auntie Buffalo

For my Sister-in-Love – The Door within

One Sunday, whilst I was attending church with my Sister In Love….my gift to her…I was given the following poem when the members of the church were taking communion.
 I,  in the interim, was taking dictation.   This poem was written in under twenty minutes.  It has taken me weeks to find it again  That day I was communing with Spirit in my form of worship July 21,2013.  I want to give this to her and share it with you during her holy season. 

There is a door

Deep inside.

Where  joy and beauty

doeth abide,

Deep within.

When I open this door within

My heart does a happy dance.

It grins.

There is a door

deep inside

Leading me to  where

truth and love abide.

The joy

The beauty

I cannot hide.

It sustains me

As,  and,  until I

Colorful Door
Colorful Door (Photo credit: brentdanley)

With Thee abide.

This door stays open

As I contemplate or pray

Giving loving service

Throughout my Day.

When the music floats

clear through

I obtain a broader view.

This door within

deep inside

Bridges the gap

Until with Thee

I do abide.

The door within

Stays open still

As I surrender

To do Thy Will.

English: A decorated door from the Tibetan Nam...

The hidden doorway

Hides no more

As I practice Thy presence

Forever more.

When the door

Is closed up tight

Is when I gossip,

fuss or fight.

I must be mindful

full of tact.

Be more loving

to all in Fact.

English: A small door of the castle
English: A small door of the castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For my door within

To stay open wide

I must be grateful 

To share your love

We`er I abide. 

I must not wait

Nor tarry here. 

I will share Thy Love

In all I do…

Making your plan

more clear.

The door within

Is a sacred place

The more I visit there

Then,  more clearly,  do I live

In your bountiful Grace.

Help me to mindful

To bring your love

Into my day

Twice renewed.

Door light
Door light (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The door within

Opens wide

When with Thy 

Grace and love

I can, forever,

in peace abide.

The door within

Is available 

It is true.

With love

I keep it open

Giving  loving service in all          

I think, and say and do. 

Rose petals in your dreams for Holly and all the women in my life.

Fairy bed with chiffon rose petals

There are petals on your pillow

Rose petals on the floor…

Look over here, dear heart…

I found some more.

Rose petals are lovely,

Any time to view…

But in your dreams

Rose petals  are gift

From my loving you. 

Fairy bed with chiffon rose petals
Fairy bed with chiffon rose petals (Photo credit: Bellafaye)


Alone, I cameSnapshot_20111231_11

tho somewhat

surrounded with folks.


img_0941I am ,

until someone

on facebook sends “pokes”.


I go

into the setting sun.

Snapshot_20130303_1I alone,

shall meet the Creator…

when my time

on earth is done.

Wtitten Nov 17   8:40 AM with the fever of pneumonia and much laughter. 

Guide to photos   Top Left  Christmas Day 2011   Toasting the dear hearts with a Golden Cup with golden hearts

Top Right   Poetess Ferris talking to the trees at Jasper September 2008  photo credit Sonny Alfredo Galea

Bottom Left   Snow patterns on my window in Blizzard late Spring 2013

Bottom Right   October Roses   I wanted to take a photo of roses in sunlight….and received a bowl of love, laughter and light.



Days of Dragonflies remembered in December…

red dragonfly
red dragonfly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dragonfly under the apple tree


It doesn’t happen often

But I could see it coming.

I had been fasting and creative.

My heart was humming.

I needed to change the pace.

I needed some fresh air.

I needed anything

not  to be waiting

inside in  on

beautiful summers day

in my rocking chair.

I went for a walk under the apple tree

Close up of a dragonfly on a Lotus Flower Bud ...
Close up of a dragonfly on a Lotus Flower Bud on green background – IMG_7149 (Photo credit: Bahman Farzad)

I told the Inner Master

“I need a hug Zee.”

In the next breath, 

much to my surprise, 

Came a beautiful dragon-fly

dancing before my eyes.

WahZ its you

It is you ?

Is it not?

How wonderful you came 

In the form of a dragon-fly

To have a visit.

My heart was lighter

I laughed the rest of the day

English: Dragon fly മലയാളം: തുമ്പി
English: Dragon fly മലയാളം: തുമ്പി (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am surrounded by beauty

Within and without all along my way.

By this wonderful gift of love

in the form of a blue dragon-fly





The Sleeping Porch ~ Kathleen Dean ~ Guest Author as we celebrate 84,000 views on this blog


Sunbursts Peaking Through The Forest Canopy

THE SLEEPING PORCH by: Kathleen Dean

Somewhere in the fringes of my mind

are visions of a quieter time

ready to whisk me away

to the secret places of the heart.

The imprisonment of daily living

cries out for solitude

amongst mountain hide-aways

that are only found in my dreams,

where they are tucked away,

clothed in shades of green and earthy smells

that can tingle the senses.

Gradually the cares of this world diminish,

for one-by-one I have given them wings,

lest their grief might linger.

My soul has been turned over

to a passage of time not governed by man.

Slowly, I choose not to look

back to any regrets of the day.

I find myself seeking comfort

that only my Heavenly Father can give,

He so willingly fills up

those empty places in my day

Opaque visions begin to take shape

as this body releases its busy schedule called life.

You live up there Lord

and I down here on this earthen floor.

Scenic Alaska Mountains
Scenic Alaska Mountains (Photo credit: Accretion Disc)

How long have I hungered

for this mountain hillside,

Mountain Hillside
Mountain Hillside (Photo credit: MixedUpMedia/Mari W)

crowned with laurel in honor of summer.

Where wild grape vines grow,

hanging from branches

lopping ever downward

to reach to the ground.

They beg to be swung on.

The physical presence of nature is everywhere,

helping me to shake loose the trappings of this world.

Standing quietly on a narrow deer trail,

I want to move on knowing I cannot go back.

There just isn’t enough time Lord

to walk every footpath.

In my youthful years I didn’t realize

the distance I would walk as an adult.

Tenderly, my hand reaches out

to touch cool water collected in a basin

carved in a solid rock by Mother Nature‘s tears.

English: Middle Tor Rock Basin Thought to be f...
English: Middle Tor Rock Basin Thought to be formed by the action of frost and wind. See (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Licking the moisture from my finger tips

I choke up inside for the loss of words

to describe these emotions that I feel.

“Ahhhh” just “Ahhhh”

escapes from my heart.

Once more I have been blessed

to find this sleeping porch

surrounded by the windows of God.

I have found your place where your breath

Fern bed under a forest canopy in woods near F...
Fern bed under a forest canopy in woods near Franklin, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

continually washes over me

as needed sleep overtakes this human body.

No longer am I shackled

by thoughts of sorrow

for these precious moments

with you have provided

the rest my soul so desires.

Dear God,
Thank you for this sleeping porch and the peace I have found within it. Help me to forget past mistakes Lord. There is a better way, and easier one, I am sure only now, I cannot find it without your continual guidance.
The story behind the poem…
The Sleeping Porch by: Kathleen Dean Written late summer 2007 after the lost of my father, Art Brown.
We have all had those days when you wanted to scream “I am just so tired Lord.” Or “Oh, for the enjoyment of peace from worries for just one day Lord.” Do not feel discouraged. Our Heavenly Father has promised his faithful children rest from turmoil if we but follow him. The here and now: Exodus 33:14 “And he said, my presence shall go with thee and I will give thee rest.” He invites us to come to him: Matthew 11:28-29 “Come unto me, all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. And for the future: Revelation 14:13 “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; Yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works shall follow them.” God will give us peace of mind when we call on Him in faith believing. But where will we go to find this peace?
English: Author:Robert E. Nylund Source:Person...
English: Author:Robert E. Nylund Source:Personal photos (Nov. 2005) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In the early mid 1900’s many homes had a porch that one could rest on for the afternoon nap or for a visit after dinner with family. Usually there was a front porch plus a screened-in porch that was located at the back of the home for more privacy. Our wringer-washer and tubs sat on our back-porch. The front porch was a wee-bit fancier. Besides the usual table and chairs there were a few stands for flowers and a comfortable rocking chair. At one end of the porch would be a long Davenport placed near the living-room window. It was waiting, inviting, for someone to take an afternoon nap or possibly even to sleep there all night when the weather was hot and sticky. This outdoor room was an extension of the home. Most people referred to the closed in room as the sleeping porch. This is where my idea for “THE SLEEPING PORCH” came from. One evening my heart was heavy with burdens. I needed some of peace in my life and found it in our Heavenly Father’s sleeping porch.