Looking inward to the light

110276876Looking inward to the light

Do you see your beauty burning bright?

Do you see the miracle of your birth?

Do you see the  number of  re-birthing’s

till you found your worth?

Do you feel the majesty of the love

110276876Flowing out of you gently as a dove?

Do you see the kindness of your giving

Reaching across the ages of all your living?

Looking inward to the light

Do you see your beauty burning bright?

Snow storm…


The pounding of the snow

did not look like

any “Currier & Ives” gentle painting.

It was a sudden storm,

covering everything,

invigorating, enervating…

making you glad you are alive. 

It started within me a few days ago

As the barometer dropped

My wind and storm began to grow.

I did not want to set back my clock.

I did not want to be  confined to house.

I was not prepared to wait

for spring like a silent little mouse.

All I wanted to do was storm  and buck.

The winds grew louder.

The snow increased.

The folks were huddling on the streets.

All night long the outer storm blew

It has been said we will get an inch or two.

I watched the storm safe from inside.

I, also,  watched my inner storm subside.

On awakening with an extra hours sleep

All the world was covered shades of white,

Beige, fluffy and deep.

I have resigned  myself to the fact , now,

 that the deep contemplations of winter have begun.

The imposing, imprisoning silences

Will have their way.

The storm will abate.

We will go ride on the sleigh.


What now?

Colin Hall shares his talent at artistryofcolinhall.wordpress.com
Colin Hall shares his talent at artistryofcolinhall.wordpress.com

What now?

I would like to be at perfect peace….

perhaps for just a moment.

What now?

I have some chores to do, appointments to keep,

I do not have time to put healing first.

What now?

I am to surrender?

Right now?

I am to get out of Soul’s way

and breathe in the Sunlight of the Spirit?

Oh, this feels good.

This feels calm and right.

Oh, I do not know why I fought it.

Thank you, Creator,  for helping me

To sit still and wait for the “What now?

Poetess in the mountain trees  Banff National Park Canada - photo credit SOnny Alfredo Galea
Poetess in the mountain trees Banff National Park Canada – photo credit Sonny Alfredo Galea Sept 2008

Fran Blackwell shares Hang On – Spiritual Endurance.


Spiritual Endurance

Life throws everything at us.

Even the proverbial kitchen sink

just to see if Soul will run like

a cripple crab back into its hole

where fear dwells,

If we/Soul succumb to falling for one of the

many illusions designed to trick and imprison

Soul, taking no survivors.

Yet, if Soul remains high on life’s survival scale.

The lifetime guarantee for Soul survival

is assured, for nothing can or will take It down.

Yes, nothing can touch a conscious being, an awakened Soul.

Unless… unless It loses Itself in one moment of forgetfulness.

Or unless, in a reactive moment

Soul forgets who another Soul Is.

The Spiritual Exercises of Holy Spirit

keep Soul remembering who and what It Is,

and that Soul equals Soul,


Thereby strengthens It to become more God like.

In keeping with being a Co worker with God,

Which is a spiritual requirement for Soul, for

then It is in accordance with Gods Will.

And is fulfilling ITS Golden Contract,

soul may ask, what is needed for this journey

to go the distance and beyond?

Soul IS

Eternal, filled with the vitality of

Love, Light and Sound.

Yes, spiritual endurance is

an enduring quality for

Soul growing into an incandescence lover of God

in ITS love affair with God.


99 year record ISIS a prison of words

Here is an email I have written to our local newspaper:


Recently, the screening for volunteers and workers with Children in Alberta has under gone some huge changes.
Namely, ISIS which is a system designed to protect children from “UNSAFE PERSONS and or suspected UNSAFE PERSONS.
However, the investigations are not FAIR.  
For instance, I gave a child up for adoption who was born April 9, 1971.  Were I to be investigated for suitable of working with children the report will read as follows:
“May have been involved in an incident involving a minor child.“
There is no clarification, no explanation and NO opportunity for APPEAL.  
Were I a convicted criminal under the Justice System – I have an opportunity to have a pardon and the record is removed.   NOT so in the case of Child Welfare and their ISIS system.
Kindly investigate this situation and or bring it to the public who can then present it to the Social Services Minister for review, renewal or revoke.  
I am available for further information at your convenience. 
a Mother who adopted out her child and 
is no longer able to volunteer to serve in the community 
where children may be present.
MaryHelen Ferris

There is no opportunity to expunge the declaration of  May have been involved in an incident with a minor.   I gave my child a Mother and Father and the child welfare system in Alberta has given me a sentence of 99 years.  The record will stand for 99 years.  Talk about a prison of words.

Tops and tales…under the full moon skies


Sitting topping and tailing the fresh beans from the local gardens

I remember…

Sitting under the full moon with my grandparents,

listening to the crystal set

my grandfather’s favorite program

the “Lone Ranger” would distract him for a few moments

from GrandMother Calhoun’s cinnamon buns,

molasses cookies or beans simmering in the oven of the wood cook stove.

Topping and tailing the beans 60 years later

I have a friend on Skype who has set up a light painting

with his son whilst they travel the mountains,

a great-nephew who speaks Japanese and has wonderful magic to share;

an elder who has just returned from a retreat in  the mountains,

Listening to the stories of the past

Fill up my life

On a full moon night

I do not fear the rocking chair.

I know I am ready to listen

to the stories of the children

Before they get one more cookie,

just one more song on the mp3

and maybe a wee hug along the way.

Life is full as one tops and tails the beans.