You are…

Sunrise in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India


You are the joy at sunrise.

You are the last glint of light.

You are the song in my night.

You are the reason I am happy.

You are the reason I fight. 

You are the song my heart sings.

Beloved,  you have your own  special way

of showing me and teaching me

all the things you want me to know.

I shall  tell you,  now,  before I go.

I love loving you.

I love being in your life

I love the past lifetimes

when you were my wife.

I love the feeling of my skin

when I hear your  voice.

I will never tell I love you

I will show you beloved

that is my choice.

You are the northern lights in evening.

Northern lights

You are the rainbows in my rain.

You are the delight of my own laughter.

You are my biggest pain. 

You are the reason I am living

happy joyous and free.

You are the reason I am giving 

all this love to others. 

You are a apart of me. 

You are the reason for

the  fire in my belly

the sparkle in my eyes

the longing in my voice.

You are the  joy of life in me. 

As long as I live

My love I will give.

I will always  and in all ways

want to walk with thee. 

I will never tell you I love you

Because you already know.


The riddle

Image by Chickens in the Trees (vns2009) via Flickr
Sunlight in the meadow
Image by Raoul Pop via Flickr
Sunlight through sea mist IMG_8224
Image by MargaretsFamily via Flickr

How do I tell you

what I want you to know?

By holding you close

or letting you go?

How can I share just how it could be

that your love is healing for me?

You are the sunshine on a cloudy day.

You are the reason I would want to stay. 

What will you do?

Hurricane Flame
Image by Smitten with Kittens via Flickr
Hurricane lamp
Image by char1iej via Flickr
Lantern Flame
Image by gothick_matt via Flickr

What will you do

with the talent

you are given?

Will you share it?

Will you hold it?

Will you hide it

While trying

to make a living?

What if the only reason

That you are on the earth

Is to share this gift?

Do you know

what  it is worth?

It is the broken part

when the light

shines through…

It is this


talent given

only to you.

Do not hide it.

Do not deride it.

Share it with love.

It was given to you

to make your

home up above.

Until you

share that talent.

Until you

share your voice.

Your life

will lack its lustre.

Your life,

your talent,

your choice!!!