When I…with photo artistry Gabriel Corno

If I could touch your hands, I would no longer need words.

Artwork by Gabriel Corno

When I, in dreams,  touch your hand, my heart fills with so much joy. My eyes leak. Soul dances. As,  I laugh at the long-awaited-trip to love’s true home. Just one more thing, dear heart, thank you for being.  I see your sparkling love lighting my pathway. I feel your touch in every moment of my life.   Your love, friendship,compassion, companionship…make my life worth the trip. I re-incarnate every night in dreams.   The only thing that is ever left over,  from the day before, is the dishes. 


Writing Love letters Home

Quill Pen (Hoang Tien Quyet)


What if,

every work of art,

every quilt,

every poem,

every marriage,

every song,

every birth,

every dance,

every sadness,

every romance


just Soul’s way

Of writing Home?

Maintaining contact

with the most

sacred part of Its being?

Would one not have

a more relaxed way

Of knowing, seeing, being?

If all of it

is a purposeful, mindful

love letter home

What would it matter

which tragic or joyous thing

happened (as upon the earth we roam)?

All that would truly matter is


Knows It has a Home!

Knows that It can stay joyous

in the middle of the  fight.

Knows that It will keep the vigil

in the middle of the night.

Soul will just “Keep on Keeping on”

Till the body is spent.

Then, trade It in for another one

As back Home It went.

What if every heartbreak

every broken rule

Were just refinements

in this earthly school?

Would we waste the time

being filled

with regret or emotion?

Just knowing

that these moments


 love letters Home

There would be less commotion.

So,whilst you are going

through the sunshine or the rain,

Know that you are creating

another love letter Home again.

It must be your choice

to lessen the lesson.

But, with this point of view

There is more love

I’m guessing!

Robert C. Williams Paper Museum Wooden stretch...
Robert C. Williams Paper Museum Wooden stretcher frame and parchment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a Friend in the Creator

Snapshot_20120301What a Friend

we have in the Creator.

Just to trust  Him

at his word.

Oh,  how blessed

to walk in service.

Oh, to be of one accord. 

Often, I forget to trust him

Then the pain

it does increase !

When, finally , I remember

to surrender

Oh, Soul,

the pain

it is released.

Magic castle with the honeymooners

Feb 24th, 2011 17:00 on bus from Lethbrdige to Calgary for a visit.   I was invited for five days.  I stayed for closer to five weeks.  This poem,  written on the bus.  was my mantra whilst I visited and learned from family.  After almost 40 years I had been invited for Christmas with the family.  Now I would be there to learn and love again.  

The wind sighs its invocation

Soul leaving

The wind sighs its  invocation.

Soul is about to take flight.

The body is old,  decaying, dying.

Spirit Is buoyant and light.

I am surrendered on Soul’s knees.

My heart’s ears are open.

Now is the leave-taking I have dreamed

The gentle Voice has spoken.

I am always with you.

Come, my child be set free.

Know you do not walk alone

You are always a part of Me. 

The wind sighs its  invocation.


A radiant dream of your love

Beauty photo MaryHelen Ferris   Jasper 2008

I reclined.

I was  filling

myself with


loving grace.

I drifted.

I was living

in my happy place.

I dreamed you.

I was overjoyed

to see your face.

I reclined

Further into

light and sound’s own space.

I awakened.


Filled with the love

of knowing you.

Listening to the Master's Voice
Listening to the Master’s Voice  Photo MaryHelen Ferris

Let me tell you now…….

Cloud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cirrus uncinus and Cirrus spissatus over Swift...
Cirrus uncinus and Cirrus spissatus over Swifts Creek, Victoria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
CLOUDS OVER OKINAWA (Photo credit: Okinawa Soba)

Broken in places I never knew

I have full reliance now on you.

Loved ones passing at a faster rate

May I stand for them before the gate?

May I tell you of their beauty

Their talent and their laughter?

May I perhaps remember to tell

those who are still with us…

tell them before they are gone

I love them

(in their weakest moments,

in the now

  in the great beyond

 in the  hereafter)? 

Harold Klemp – First Landmarks of Soul Travel

First Landmarks of Soul Travel

One way to leave the body via Soul Travel is to lie down after dinner when you are drowsy. Plan to nap for five minutes, and watch the process of falling asleep. If you try the exercise with your spouse, agree to meet outside the body a few minutes later. Then watch carefully as your mate steps free of the physical body and enters the spiritual one in a burst of radiant light.

One always goes out of the body when he falls asleep, but it is an unconscious act. In Soul Travel, the only difference is that we are trying to get out of the body in full awareness.

The moment Soul leaves the body, It finds Itself in a blue-grey zone near the Physical Plane. This zone is an approach to the Astral Plane. The sensation of moving from the Physical to the Astral body is like slipping through a large iris of mild wind currents; this iris is the Spiritual Eye. Soul enters this neutral zone of blue-grey tones in Its Astral form, a sheath which looks like a thousand sparkling stars.

This buffer zone, or corridor, between the Physical and lower Astral Planes resembles the underground silo of an enormous rocket that is perhaps two hundred feet in diameter and more than two thousand feet deep. The ceiling if this circular pocket is open and may display a brilliant canopy of white light, or you may see a night sky sprinkled with specks of twinkling stars. There may even be a pastoral scene by a river, whose waters murmur their pleasure at life.

Whatever scene is displayed in the opening of the vast ceiling, Soul is drawn toward it at a mightly speed. Most people begin to recall their dreams only after their departure from this launching zone between the two worlds, and after their arrival at a faraway destination on the Astral Plane.

Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar Online BH

I never counted on that

Zugspitze von der Alpspitze aus gesehen. Links...
Zugspitze von der Alpspitze aus gesehen. Links der Jubiläumsgrat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lower AuSable Lake in the Adirondack High Peak...
Lower AuSable Lake in the Adirondack High Peaks. Taken in the summer of 1996. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Česky: Dvojice horolezců při sestupu sněho-led...
Česky: Dvojice horolezců při sestupu sněho-ledovým kuloárem. Malý Ľadový štít, Vysoké Tatry, únor 2006. English: Two mountaineers descending a snow/ice gully from Malý Ľadový štít in Vysoké Tatry mountain range. February 2006. Français : Deux alpinistes descendent un goulet de neige du Malý Ľadový štít dans la chaine des Hautes Tatras. Image prise en février 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fannie Bullock Workman, mountain climber, died...
Fannie Bullock Workman, mountain climber, died 1922 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came here

for the experiences of loving and learning

I came to be

a wife, a mother, a lover and a friend.

Everytime I fell in love and married

it was to be  forever.

Never factoring in

the babies that would not be born.

Never factoring in

the lives that would be lost in war and accidents.

Never factoring in

the disappointments, illnesses and divorces.

Never factoring in

that forever was often never in the plan.

I came for

the learning, listening and loving.

There had to be

all the other things along the way

to polish the diamond I would become under pressure.

There needed to be in my case,

the addictions, the abuses, the manipulations, the lies.

Had I not been planted in those circumstances

I would have not had the opportunities

To struggle

To search

To go within myself

To find out who I am

To know my self as Soul

No, I never counted on that.

Now that I have found

the being, knowing, seeing place within

I can take the slings and arrows on the chin.

I can fall in love just for the experience of being a relationship

That is like a sensory deprivation chamber

That takes all I have, all I can muster up to give

To leave me empty.

Open for “Next”

No, I never counted on that.

I believe that I am a mountain climber…..

When I am in the valley

As I am today

I can look about 

For the beauty of that first spring flower

I can look with me

to see the new struggling sprout.

The bitterness of winter has come and gone at last

I have survived  your loving  I am freed of the past.

No, I never ever counted on that. 

The quiet and the stillness of my beating heart

Overwhelm me with the joy,

the sacred knowledge of a brand new start.

The solitude that learning brings

The service I can be

The giving of my love to life in general

Sets my spirit free.

No, I never counted on that.

It is my ‘experience, strength and hope’

That give me the listening ear.

That is my service to my path.

That keeps me full of cheer.

I listen with my heart.

I listen with my head.

I listen to keep me learning

Full of more hope than dread.

No, I never, ever counted on that. 

So all of you beloveds who have come to make my heart sing

Know that the lessons you taught me have more value than your ring.

No, no, no…. I  never, ever counted on that.