An ode to my old Beloved – (which is owed)


Oh, my Beloved,

Do you not see,

Your own 



To be happy,





to the adventure


to explore





all ways

and always




“It was not that he did not want her

to be Mrs. George.

It was that he did not want

to be Mr. MaryHelen.”

The strands in his hands…..

English: Pouring molten gold into ingot mold a...
English: Pouring molten gold into ingot mold at La Luz Mine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
forge, smith's hearth, fire, sparks Français :...
forge, smith’s hearth, fire, sparks Français : Une forge en action. Feu, étincelles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He kissed my cheek.

The aroma of  cedar, pine,  

and juniper hung thick in his hair.

He touched my hair,

slowing loosening

the  braiding 

as it fell into his hands.

His hands, large and gentle

leathered with age

trailed through the hair

in his fingers  as if were gold.

To him it always was this way.

Quiet, strong gentle love…

almost worship

of the strands in his hands. 

He smiles and knows.

I am watching

his eyes and his fingers. 

The fire behind me

is dancing in his eyes.

  I am dancing

in his arms.

The fire within us

grows as we dance. 

He lifts me in a twirl.

Kisses me.


as he puts his arm

around my shoulder

for the night. 

Could my name be caressed by the breeze? (Visitors from the storm)

English: Photo of a stone fireplace.

After detail of painted stone fireplace and ne...
After detail of painted stone fireplace and new flat black stone hearth, simple modest zen style, Seattle Washington USA (Photo credit: Wonderlane)


The contented  crone sat quiet and quite alone….until the breeze began to blow.


On the breeze, floods of memories began to play.


In the breeze, she saw his smile.


She loved him so, but, it had been awhile.


Her memories were Soul’s delight.


Just to hear his voice once more.


Take the memories off her heart’s shelf…


Turning each one over in her mind.


She smiled and laughed as she heard the wind roar.


Knowing his time was now spent on a far distant shore.


The light was fading.


The room grew dim.


Still her thoughts danced with him.


Once more, just once more…


could I hear his voice speak my name?


The answer came in the pouring rain.


The thunder crashed about her head.


The lightning flashed brightening the gloom.


It was then, she saw him standing in her room.


“I have come to sing your name…


To remind you of our love.


You might want to be ready


for company on the midnight train.


Our children are coming  


to see you from across the sea.


I wanted you to hear the news first from me.


I have always loved you my darling wife.


We managed love and laughter throughout the strife.


I will stay the evening till the children arrive.


I wanted these moments alone with you….


While our memories are so alive.


I have always loved you….and so much more.”


The wind shifted, it with the wind pelted the door. 


In a flicker of time, they visited and sang…


It was then the door-bell rang.


“Grannie Mahara, it is me.


I have brought all your great grand children for you to see.


Mom and Dad are unloading the car.


I see Grandpa is visiting. I knew he would not be far.


We shall sing your name upon the wind…


I will set the kettle for our tea to begin.”








Beloved Friend….(contest entry)

My Love
My Love (Photo credit: Jennuine Captures)

From Alan L: While visiting beloved Italia ,I ...

English: Dark red roses
English: Dark red roses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Love Love Love
Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

I have been waiting to hear
Because I love you so much
That the Source has sent you the One.
The One, with the touch
Of grace in their speech
With love in their eyes
The One, your hearts reach.
The One, you have longed for
Loves own surprise.
Beloved, I long to hear
of your Beloved Friend
May you walk together
In laughter,
In joy of the Spring
In courage regardless
Of whatever life brings.
In Divine bliss,
In Gratitude`s own kiss.
May you love always
till your Journey`s end.
I love you Beloved…
I am always here
Sending love to you and your friend.

Authors Note   This poem I wrote a few moments ago in response to a contest…but the joy I feel on hearing my young friend`s news about their beloved….is cause to share with the world.   I want to shout from the Mountain top that the Source has brought two loving Souls together.  All three  of us love chocolate milk and cookies, comfort food, warm fire pits and shared secrets.

Flying high wide and handsome

Cirrus uncinus and Cirrus spissatus over Swift...
Cirrus uncinus and Cirrus spissatus over Swifts Creek, Victoria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Cloud Shadow (Anti-Crepuscular Rays)
The Cloud Shadow (Anti-Crepuscular Rays) (Photo credit: Jason A. Samfield)
Cloud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight.
Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An aircraft was flying though a cluster of cir...
An aircraft was flying though a cluster of cirrocumulus clouds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr Handsome, 

Your flight is 17 hours 10 mins 

plus a 10 hour time change

(talk about flying high, wide and handsome).

As you drift among the clouds

with your daughter by your side.

Know that I have followed your request

asking angels to be your Guide.

I am  my darling man,

inviting you to perceive all

the blessings  we have received.

What were the odds of finding

 knowing each other after all those centuries?

 As you are  flying literally through time and space

I am asking the Sunlight of the Spirit to fill you Its grace.

Happy Journey beloved traveller

I am always and all ways 

Here waiting to touch you face.

High, Wide, and Handsome
High, Wide, and Handsome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May the stars guide your Journey back to me….

colourful sunset. knysna, south africa. slight...
colourful sunset. knysna, south africa. slightly photoshopped to enhance the colours. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal
Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sunset on Thousand Islands
Sunset on Thousand Islands (Photo credit: satosphere)

I know you are waiting for me to tell you how much I love you.

May the stars guide your Journey back to me…

We have waited many lifetimes…

I guess we can wait a little while..

.until I hold you in my arms…

until I see you smile. ….

Hold me in your heart

till we meet in the sunset

May the Blessings Be …..dear heart.

Beloved darling man

Leaning Willow Trees These trees are on a foot...
Leaning Willow Trees These trees are on a footpath from Alders Road, along the trees, past Great Hawkwell Cottage and onto the A228 Maidstone Road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Basking (Photo credit: spodzone)
A stand of Willow trees near Barnwell Viewed f...
A stand of Willow trees near Barnwell Viewed from the Nene Way, a long distance path. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beloved darling man….

Basking in the light

of the full moon

with its moonbeams

dancing on my pillow;

I embrace your love.

I embrace you love.

Soul is dancing

like a willow,

In love’s own Wind.

I awaken

late in the day.

Now, remembering

you need

to go away.

Recalling your voice

as you shared

your plans.

I am blessed

to know you …

to call you

my darling man.