Rainbows fill my home…..

Rainbows through the prism on my window

Rainbows fill my home.

I love that time the most.

Rainbows fill my home.

I welcome Spirit as my host. 

Rainbows fill my home.

I give praise and rejoice.

Rainbows fill my home.

I, in stillness, hear Spirit’s own voice.

Surrender to live, surrender to love – dedicated to Laureen Laboucan

a Butterfly in the flower.

Now I can die happy

the singer sang in her song.

I have heard your voice.

so glad to know you

did not just live in my head.

However, upon hearing

the Voice of the beloved

The singer began to live. 

Her eyes shone as diamonds.

Her multi-faceted personality

Now had a place in this world

While she journeys to worlds beyond. 

She could now fly

No longer the caterpillar stuck in a cocoon

She was a butterfly flying to the rainbow

Ever upward to the moon.

Winter butterfly