Sharing – Dancers in the rainbow prisms on my window sill….from 21.12.12

Dancers in the rainbow prisms on my window

DancersImage by gregory.ackland via Flickr
dancersImage by zoetnet via Flickr

Thank you for morning light

that dances through

the prism on my window sill.

Thank you for the long  night

of learning through

bending to your will.

The weather is -24 below C

 I have wonderful places to go.

With the travel on my keyboard

I can learn,  love,  listen , with one accord.

I love the cold of winter

 all that the isolation teaches.

The gathering of friends

around my fire

Which is ignited and burns brightly

when I heed my Creator’s desire.

I am learning so many things

about laughter and love.

I respect the lessons often delivered

in a steel fist covered by a velvet glove

I long to be the bamboo,

flexible, resilient, growing fast

However, I live in the land

of the solid, slow-growing study pine.

That I believe is one

of the reasons

I am learning online.

I love:

the rainbows

of the prisms ,

the rainbows

of the  people

dancing in my life

I am so appreciative

of the teachers

who keep smiling

through their strife.

After living in other countries back in my youth

I appreciate my freedoms here in Canada

I could search out my own truth.

I have clean running water.

Breath-able air, freedoms of choice

I am able to sit in the silence

of the isolation of winter

to hear your sweet voice.

Rainbows fill my home…..

Rainbows through the prism on my window

Rainbows fill my home.

I love that time the most.

Rainbows fill my home.

I welcome Spirit as my host. 

Rainbows fill my home.

I give praise and rejoice.

Rainbows fill my home.

I, in stillness, hear Spirit’s own voice.

Afternoon delight

Dancers, Paro Tsechu
Image via Wikipedia
Basque Dancers
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Rwandan dancers
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English: Dancers at the Tropicana Club, Havana...
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Eagle of Delight
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Oh the joy of the day

with the sun shining in the window

making rainbows from the prism

watching the dancers

in the rainbows as they twirl

 across my walls, fingers and face.

It is an afternoon delight

basking in the sunlight during its short hours

soon the sun will be setting

 I must ask myself

how did I serve you today…

was my voice gentle,  loving

 were my actions kind and sincere

did I stop to contemplate

on your beautiful blessings

did I serve you today.

Now as the sun is setting

I smile and stretch outward to the sky

jumping across the setting sun

into the arms of my beloved

seeing your smile today

hearing your voice

oh that was an

afternoon delight

of a very special kind. 

I thank the Creator of all for the love, human and divine…that delight me this afternoon in this heart of mine.