The Dancer’s Star Blanket

Blue Star Quilt


Across the ages she has come 


to dance, to love and laugh


“Her laughter,” the old ones say “is too loud.


Her feet do not pound the earth as others do.”


But her heart dances on


and she gives the love


Keeping her promise is all that she knew.


She needed to learn more.


She thirsted for the knowledges


in every leaf and rock.


She annoyed every one


with her searching for the search.


She burped and farted…they mocked.


No one ever knew


the courage it took to ask.


No one ever knew


her deep love for Mother Earth.


No one ever knew


her deep abiding love


for the Creator.


Until they saw her last dance.


She knew.


She laughed.  


She burped and she farted.


When the competition was over…


The young ones, were surprised


that they were asked to join


in the making of her star blanket.


The old ones, smiled and said…


“Just because she did not win in the competition


Does not mean, that the prayers stop.”


The blanket was made amid laughter and tears.


They knew she was dying…there was no fear.


When the time comes


the old dancer will be wearing  


her star blanket


as she dances her way home.

Lone Star Quilts


The Calling within…

English: Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of P...

The calling

of the bell upon  the steeple  hill,

It can be a joyous ringing or a deathly kind of knell. 

The calling

Of your dedication to your avocation

– the purpose which deep within  you dwells.

The calling of the muses

to be more of what you aint

To sing, to drum, to write, to quilt,  to paint.


The calling

Of all people to be  with  nature to be free.

The calling

of the people to  be more and more alert.

The calling

Of the masses to stop this un-earthly hurt.

The calling

of the sunset and sunrises

To give your life a perk

The calling

of the masses as up the hill they climb

The calling

of the wee ones….

come home  come home it is supper time.

The calling

of the music to set your spirit free

The calling of a dear friend

Oh, yes,  it could be me.

We are all called to be of service

To love, contemplate or pray

Sunset at Porto Covo
Sunset at Porto Covo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hear the voice it is calling 

Each moment of the day. 

To each is giving a calling

To shine in our own way. 

“If life gives you scraps, make a quilt” – dedicated to Tiffany Jack K. and Phyllis Berry-Kiechhofer

Walter Langley - The Old Quilt
Walter Langley – The Old Quilt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My name is GR8LISTENER.

Some of you know me by other names.

Addict, alcoholic, liar, cheat, con.
I was not always a great listener.

I was always wanting to be

“heard and not hurt”.

I took my pain and made a poem.

I took my lessons and wrote four plays.

I took the scraps that life gave me

and made a quilt.

“Quote from sewing group in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada….

If life gives you scraps,

make a quilt”

My quilt, like yours, has two sides.

The one the public sees.

The one I truly am.

They are the same quilt.

One is private.

One is public.

My soft spots are

“people who need to be hurt

and keep on hurting”

And “people who are children”

who keep on living in wonder,

joy, love, imaginations and creativity.

These are the people in the life of

GR8LISTENER…the public and the private.

Which side of the quilt will I show you?

Do you need to publicly keep on hurting?


Do you privately need to keep living in wonder,

joy, love, imagination and creativity?

What would happen for you,

If you turned over the quilt?

If you, creatively, lovingly got rid of the hurt?

Would you become a great listener?

Would you listen to your dreams and the dreams of others?

Would you warm them with your quilt…

Until, they could make a quilt to warm themselves?

Until, they could be both the public and private self?

Shadow and light.

Become authentic and real.

We have a choice to stop hurting !

We have a choice to creatively, lovingly

use the energy we spend

on “fixing” the quilt that we are

(scraps public and private)

instead of hurting.

Addictions come to all of us in life.

Addictions like shopping, computers,

bingo, tv, cell phones.

and some others you may have heard of.

For some of the years of my life,

All I had been scraps.

Now, I have a quilt.

I learned from the leaders.

I learned from the people

who needed to stay hurt.

Most of all, I learned from the children

who become the artists, musicians,

writers, dancers, singers,

quilt makes, life givers and lovers of life.

I love to listen to them.

I need to listen to the people who need to hurt

(and keep on hurting)

Until they are ready to come Home !

Patchwork quilt: 1992 Kentucky State Winner.

Hold my hand?

completed quilt top constructed by weaving str...
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Hold My Hand
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Patchwork quilt
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Quilt top
Quilt top (Photo credit: ejhogbin)
Cover of "Tuck Me In: 18 Cute & Cuddly Qu...

The night is dark

as the coolness creeps

through the windows

  into the bones of the solitary  woman as she writes.

Writes about the  simple  things, the joys of the day

solitude, quietude, soul-a-tune..solitary sacred quiet joys.

Remembering warmer, younger days as a child.

Days when she could say

Grandmother, could you tuck me in?

Can you tell me the stories

hidden in this quilt?

Would you tell me about the rocks, the trees, the stars?

Would you help the fever go?

Would you hold my hand while I sleep?

The pattern of the her life has changed

Now she is the great-aunt playing with the children.

She is the one telling the stories of the quilt

made by their great grandmother.

Settling down for a wee nap they ask

Could you hold my hand while I sleep?

I dream the stories you tell me.

One day when I am old like you…

I will tell the stories of the quilt.

I will hold the hands

of the wee ones while they sleep.

“Soon, I am waiting”….the blanket calls to her.

She surrenders to the Creator

In whose arms she will sleep.

Asking only on thing…

Would  you hold my hand?