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taken by Mary Helen Ferris at Jasper  National Park – Canada


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Holy ground (with photo artistry of Jonas Weiss)

There are mystical, magical, places that my feet have trod    But I received a photo this morning that brought me close to God. 

The vibrant dancing colours,  of the flowers in their finest spring gowns took from me the grey of winter, they turned my smile up-side-down. They reminded me that winter is always followed by spring. The joy of the these beautiful flowers has started Soul to sing.

 I am singing of the beauty where love does abound.

 I am singing  of the love, the light and the sound.

 I am singing and remembering

 where we walk is holy ground. 

The altar of love

Ammonite (Photo credit: wwarby)

In brokenness,



about the

winds of change in my life…

I went to the altar within.

I was hopeful, honest and wholly

committed to the surrender

that would be necessary

to take one more breath.


“You have brought everything

you need, my Child.

You have brought yourself.

You do not care the cost.

You are willing to be willing.

You are not lost.

You are at the bend in the road.

That is the key, dear heart.

Bend, surrender

be willing to be a part

of your adventure…

not apart from it.

Wholly, completely immersed

in the love of the Journey.

You have written the script so far.

Now add the next step.

There are no mistakes….

only lessons of love

the joys and gifts of surrender.

A new way of seeing.

A new way of being.

Acknowledge the love you are.

Acknowledge the love you give.

Awh, now you are letting go.

Now you can truly live

your passion.

Live your laughter.

Stay in the crystal, clear,

clarity of the cleansing.

All is love, my Child.

You are the co-worker.

You are beautiful and wild.

Refresh yourself daily in this moment.

Ride on  to the next mountain.

Step by step.

You can see the end from here.

The pathway is crystal clear.

You are in the new being.

You are in the new seeing.

You are “the altar of love”.

Ammolite ammonite, from the Rocky Mountains of...

56,764 views all-time – incredible dear readers of mine

56,764 views all-time – incredible dear readers of mine

Mountain Sunset
Mountain Sunset (Photo credit: Storkholm Photography)

56,764 views all-time – incredible dear readers of mine

Your great contributions,

your encouragements,

comments and caring ways

Have made a chilly October evening

Glow with your love. 

Humbly from my deepest heart   I thank you.

Bieszczadzki zachód słońca :) II / Sunset in B...
Bieszczadzki zachód słońca :) II / Sunset in Bieszczady:) (Photo credit: raphic :))

For your Journey dear heart.

Saw Palmetto Forest Floor
Saw Palmetto Forest Floor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Forest Floor

Light (Photo credit: Road Fun)

It feels, for me,

like the


I always wanted for you;

knowing you are

safe from the storm.

I have watched you

battling everything

for everyone.

You needed, in my opinion,

a safe harbour to rest

and renew yourself.

You are a humble man

who Blesses All.

Always and all ways.

Perhaps you may be

Blessed in the

Arms of Spirit

as you Sleep.

I conjure up visions of

Beautiful Women

to bathe you,

soothe you,

and towel you

with soft ferns

from the forest floor.

They have prepared an arbour

of juniper, cedar and spruce.

It leads you to a quiet

“Cabin” of mosses, lichen and sage

which smell of

sweet grass and fresh ocean breezes.

There are

pine boughs, feathers of myriad birds

and a feast of your favorite foods,

books and song birds serenading you.

For warmth, there are furs

and a “rug” of the hide

of a summer lamb for your head.

There is a fire glowing with oranges and purples.

The sounds of Its crackling engulf you.

Its flames dance forward to you…

until they dance behind your eyes.

You are sleeping, dreaming into a deeper view

of the Ocean full of Love and Mercy.

Content, you meet with your Master

and grasp His eyes with yours.  You ask your

Questions, which, when barely formed,

are answered in His smile and His gentle Voice.

“All will be Well”

resonates until it becomes a “Knowingness” that


is yours to embrace.

The sorrows and pains of the Day are stilled.

In this Moment, there is a gentle breeze

stirring you.

A happy, joyous, warmth floods over your entire being.

You are One

with the Breeze,

the Fire,

the Ocean

and the Joy of the Blessing.

Loved ones surround you with their essences.

A protective shield of Light

envelopes you as you

reach deeper into your

Peaceful Place.

There is in this Moment,

the Love of the Master,

your Beloved,

and Loved Ones

of all your Lifetimes.

Soul knows it is Home.

You hear the Sound,

ride it further

into the Light and

become One

with the Light and Sound.

It is a glorious

Waterfall of colors

and you bask in its Bliss.

It is many hours until daybreak.

I am sitting Vigil

To greet you as you

return with the Dawn.

You smile a greeting.

It was a good Trip Home.

-MaryHelen Ferris

-aka Northern Madonna

Let me be the mirror…

Art Relecting Art, Reflecting on Art
Art Relecting Art, Reflecting on Art (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Let me be the mirror….to show you your beauty this day.

Your eyes shine

with the wisdom of the ages.

Your gentle voice

caresses the song of the sages.

Your laughter

peals over the edge of time. 

Your smile

sets many a writer to rhyme.

You are gentle, love, patient and kind. 

How blessed I am to say

“You are a friend of mine.“ 

Let me be the mirror….to show you your beauty this day.