Evening contemplation on the joys of the day………

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I saw you


in a toddler’s dance class…

In the eyes of the children.

I saw you


in the love of the parents

who caressed their children with their eyes.

Parents who were present for themselves,

present for their children

 practicing your presence in their lives.

I heard you


in the voice of the teacher,

in the call to breakfast from my family

in the laughter of children on a play date.

I heard you in my heart.

I felt your presence

in your guiding hand….throughout my day.

Humbly, I thank you for your gift of life.

I thank you for the gift of love.

I thank you for my love life.

I thank you for my loving life.


I did not mean to hold you back

I did not mean to hold you back.

I miss you and you went home…

You went without me.

I recall when as a young child you would leave me.

I cried for hours.

I wanted to hear your voice.

I wanted to smell your hair

As you kissed me good-night.

I wanted to know you were home safe.

Well my dearly departed Mother…

You are home now safe in the Master’s arms.

Oh, I want to feel the freedom
Which that safety brings.

May I join you for a moment?

Mommy, I can see you.
You look so happy and peaceful there.
Please do not be angry that I am crying.
They are tears of joy.
You are finally free to sing your sacred song.
Put your arms around me Mother
I want to sing along.
Hey, Mom! I have an idea.
What if next lifetime I tell you more often that I love you.
What if next lifetime I am your Mother and take good care of you.
I would teach you how to blow bubbles.
I would send you to the store all by yourself.
I would tuck you in at night.
I would let my hair fall on your forehead.
I would trust you.
I would teach you.
I would lead you to the feet of the Master.

That is the least I could do.
You did it for me, dear Mother.
Next time let me do it for you.

Hang up now Mother.
I know we have talked a while.
I just wanted to see you happy.
I just had to see you smile.

I will be moving soon.
You do not have to come every night anymore.
I did not mean to hold you back.
It is time for me to let you go.
It is time for you to complete your healing and move on.
I love you Mother.
See you soon.
Catch you on the flip-flop.