Harold Klemp – Imaginative Techniques

December 18, 2013 at 11:00am

Soul Travel occurs in two ways. One form is experienced as the apparent movement of the Soul body through the planes of time and space. It is not really movement, because Soul already exists on all planes. What seems to be movement, or travel, is simply Soul coming into agreement with fixed states and conditions that already exist in the lower worlds.

 This explains the imaginative technique for Soul Travel. You imagine a scene, and you are there in the Soul body. It may feel as though you are moving along very quickly, and this is why it is perceived as travel. Actually, it is the process of changing the setting around you.

 To practice this, you can take a scene from your memories and control the actions in it. For example, imagine the sea beating against a beach. Now try to see the sea as being as still as lake water. Try it on things you know by stilling or stopping actions. You may experience a rushing sound, like wind in a tunnel, and the sensation of moving incredibly fast.

 The other form of Soul Travel is the expansion of consciousness. This is closer to the state of true personal revelation or enlightenment that we are looking for in ECK.

 Sri Harold Klemp The Spiritual Exercises of ECK 


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Susan Allen, thanks for your loving service

Instruments from Ecuador's northern highlands
Instruments from Ecuador’s northern highlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Instruments (Photo credit: ransomtech)

I want to thank you for

Your dedication , determination

Devotion of  love through service

In the arts, music and song.

You give my  life a deeper purpose,

a mission, a meaning

I can hear you singing

in my heart

all day long.

In the tiny chapel,

 you trained and laboured

You practiced tirelessly by the hour.

Your voice  to me a heavenly choir.


your Spirit took flight.

The song  came alive in your voice.

This is Your Brain on Music
This is Your Brain on Music (Photo credit: brewbooks)

The pitch,  the tone,

the melody  were perfect .

Just  right. 

Then ,

your loving devotion shone through…

as together we rejoiced. 

I began to listen…

falling deeper into the tone

I floated deep within the song.

I was no longer alone. 

My spirit soared.

My joy along.

I want to thank you for your beauty

your devotion to your craft

as you sing your song. 

You have given me a gift of love…

I feel I should ask for your autograph.


 the world comes crowding in.


the fame takes you away.

I want to thank you

for being an instrument of healing…

deep within my heart today. 


You are…

Sunrise in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India


You are the joy at sunrise.

You are the last glint of light.

You are the song in my night.

You are the reason I am happy.

You are the reason I fight. 

You are the song my heart sings.

Beloved,  you have your own  special way

of showing me and teaching me

all the things you want me to know.

I shall  tell you,  now,  before I go.

I love loving you.

I love being in your life

I love the past lifetimes

when you were my wife.

I love the feeling of my skin

when I hear your  voice.

I will never tell I love you

I will show you beloved

that is my choice.

You are the northern lights in evening.

Northern lights

You are the rainbows in my rain.

You are the delight of my own laughter.

You are my biggest pain. 

You are the reason I am living

happy joyous and free.

You are the reason I am giving 

all this love to others. 

You are a apart of me. 

You are the reason for

the  fire in my belly

the sparkle in my eyes

the longing in my voice.

You are the  joy of life in me. 

As long as I live

My love I will give.

I will always  and in all ways

want to walk with thee. 

I will never tell you I love you

Because you already know.

Mystical magical Monday

185081_126773084061413_100001861678496_178454_1052604_sThe blizzard has passed.

The book is read.

The dishes are done.

The laundry awaits.

And, you my love, are burning in my thoughts.

I want to share the moment with you.

I want to share the quietude of deep snow.

I want to share the stillness of nothing that has to be done…

when the errands are finished and there is no place to go.

I want so much to share my love with you.

You who are still in the fast lane…struggling with the mayhem of Monday.

Whilst I slumber in thought on my mystical magical Monday. 

It is all in the point of view.

Like poster says

Unicorns do exist, they’re fat, grey and we call them Rhinos.

And so I wait….

until you discover that you missed the woman at the gate

Simply because I am out among the stars….

Singing my own song of  praises to the muses on a

Mystical magical Monday.

Milky Way
Milky Way (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Away, I must away…in my body I cannot stay !!! dedicated to Isabel Jennicka



 Soul it  is at play.

Spirit always finds a way.



I must away…

In my body I cannot stay.

I must go beyond the stars…

To the place of flamenco dancers,

harmonicas and spanish guitars.

I want to see on this special night

All the Souls as they are in flight.

The gathering of my clan..

I am there in Spirit

Not merely as an also ran. 

Fran Blackwell I AM Here To Serve with Love

To Serve with Love19840_1351531873385_2010256_n

October 21, 2013 at 8:29am

I AM Here


In answering a call to Service,

as Soul, who has earned the right to be

First responder’, I came.


I found myself in a place filled with

contradictions, warm and loving,

cold and bare.

Yet love, and love alone guided my way.


From all the painful lessons earned, that was

required for me to learn, so I could

know the difference between all the opposites

that rule these worlds of duality,

just in case I had forgotten,for


how else could I be effective n service,

if I was moved by praise or criticism

joy or sorrow, for these are the testing

means of how Soul determines what is

important, what is real, what is not,

for all of it makes little difference,

it is all the same, depending on how the

cookie crumbles, so to speak,


and learning compassion means going through

every heart breaking and joyful experience known to God and man,

and the heart finds itself in the deadlock of anguish, yet joyful anticipation,

and I wonder, am I Soul, learning, learning, anything,

as it wrings itself out of the way?



 And I know I am not here for recognition,

fame or fortune, success or failure

I am here only to serve God

among the Human race, forever,


and if for a moment I forget,that anything

truly matters, except for Love, for all else is

Illusion, which clouds purity of heart,

but once the cobwebs are wiped away,

as Soul, I can see the deliberate design to keep me from


Knowing who and what I truly am,

a child in the Wilderness of Love and Mercy,

that has been called forth, for what is beyond

rhyme or reason, save God’s will, and the tender loving

care of the Beloved;


And for this privilege to be called to serve you,

to stand beside you, I will endure all things.

Your love for all Soul’s, inspires me to live in accord to the best

of my ability, to serve also as a Lover of Soul’s,

in following your guidance, to somehow be of service to

those who struggle greatly to free themselves from


the snares that bring a despair, so deep, it keeps

them from clearing away the chains

of illusion that bind them, so they too can stand free,

in the light and sound of Gods Love


I know, I have come through the thick and thin of it many times,

and now I know the why.

I am joyously free with no impediments,

to be all that I am capable of in your service, 

time has polished me in ways

untold for me to be rid of all that gets in my way,

in your way.


The terrain is like a battlefield, littered with land mines, yet

I will let nothing deter me from reaching your side,

I am here, I am now, here I stay forever in your Presence.

In the light and sound and love of the Beloved.

I AM Here19840_1351531873385_2010256_n

The love you know but have not met.

stradivarius_ex_nachezThe love you know but have not met.

The subject of songs, dreams, poems, schemes.

The face in the crowd, you cannot forget.

What does it all mean?

(Is it your new gentleman caller?

You share so much.

You share so little.

He does not treat you as a Stradivarius

No, he treats you  like an old fiddle.)

The love you know but have not met.

The subject of songs, dreams, poems, schemes.

The face in the crowd, you cannot forget.

Or is it something deeper…

A calling to your will.

A calling to be quiet.

A calling to be still.

Is the love you know but have not met

A reminder of the love for Soul.

The love you will never regret.


Just be.

Be the Sunlight of the Spirit

As you walk the narrow way.

Be the laughter in your own life

Today and every day.

Be a blessing to you neighbour.

Be a shoulder for your friend.

Be the quiet place of solace.

Be compassion at the end.

Be the voice of reason 

When the whole world has gone astray.

Be the listening,  caring, love dear  heart

When all others go away.

Be the dew on the roses

Be the friend to self.

Be the kind compassion one

Put your  own troubles on the shelf.

Be the music in the song.

Be the sound of the drum. 

Be the color in the rainbow.

Be the voice in song.

Be the love for your beloved.

Be there for yourself all along.

Be there and be present

For others…

Be a friend to some.

Be the Sunlight of the Spirit

In all you say and do.

Be love, be kind, be yourself.

Be the living HU.