Revealing in the moonlight – with the artistry of Jonas Weiss (copyright)

Revealing in the moonlight

Sailing across a cloud filled sky

The answers of all Creation gather

With such beauty there is no “Why?”

Artistry by Jonas Weiss  (copyright)
Artistry by Jonas Weiss (copyright)

Just when I needed you most

SunlightSolar system

stars (Photo credit: davedehetre)
Cone Nebula
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Breathing in the stars I walked across the moon

Then I returned to my body… way too soon!

I remembered how it felt, a million dreams ago

To have someone hold me close.

Someone to whom I could always go.

Someone whose laughter thrilled me.

Whose eyes danced with me in rain.

Someone whose gentle smile banished all my pain.

Now I am fully awakened.

I give my head a shake.

I have been alone for many years

Why would I long for you


for goodness sake.

I take my shower.

Sing my prayer song.

Then the Sunlight of the Spirit comes along…

Just when I needed you most.

Thank you sweet Spirit

My Guide and my Friend

May I feel your presence till my Journeys end.

Good night my sweet Friend…for Caroline and her dedication to the Sunlight of the Spirit

sunrise in the city
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Moonlight 2
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It is my evening.

Your morning has just begun.

We are hundreds of miles apart.

Yet we laugh together  in the sun.

The Sunlight of the Spirit unites us in our hearts.

I am thinking of you my sweet friend.

I value your comments, your smile and your page.

I can always count on you to inform, excite and guide me with your love.

I so appreciate you dear heart….

Trust the trials of your day you can get above.

I will look for you soon when I come back again.

I send you hugs, blessings and healing thoughts…

Good night from me…to you, my sweet sweet Friend. 

Beyond the moon

Full Moonfull moon

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My beloved beyond

the moon beckons to me.

I am bathed…ready

to embrace the love and dream.

For years now on the full moon, 

when the weather is clear…

I bask in the moonlight

With my beloved so near. 

It is renewing, refreshing, divine…

I dream into the moon sublime.