Simple tasks with love

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honest laughter,

 heartfelt feeling.

It is gonna to be a great Day.


Love is the bridge

Northern Lights
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Do you know

the way is not a secret?

It cannot be bought.

It can be taught.

You are your own university.

The answers are  within.

It is mostly caught.

The joy leaps

from one heart to another.

We are all connected to spirit,

dear heart, sister and brother.

My joy is the accumulation of the smiles,

waves, hugs, learnings and leanings.

Your sharing  of your life give me a further

revelation, reference point and meaning.

I do not have to climb

the same mountain as you.

When you return

you show me the view.

You do not have to go through my pain…

I can share the wisdom

of the journey  through the joy that I gained.

We are researcher, wanders, seekers of old….

when we band together that love is pure gold.

Our love of the spirit through the light and sound

Is such a precious gift….the joy does abound.

The daylight of Egypt, you  share with delight.

I show you the northern lights of a cold winter’s night.

The cornucopia of joy is not for one season.

The bells of our freedom are heard through the land. 

We are walking together with joy hand in hand.