Under the moon…I dance barefoot…

Waning Moon, Full Moon, Waxing Moon, New Moon
Image by Tex Texin via Flickr

I dance barefoot….

under the full moon of harvest….

by next full moon all the Souls

of my tribe will be gathering.

I dance barefoot….

crushing the camomile and clover

with my toes and allowing the medicine of them

run up my legs through my body and all over.

I dance barefoot…

under the harvest moon acknowledging the presence of the Masters

acknowledging the presence of the beloved

acknowledging  the presence of those who have gone before 

acknowledging those who now reside on the other side

of the moon and will dance no more.

I dance barefoot

embracing my shadow self and leap in joy

that finally in the moonlight I can claim my space

I walk in grace and I am now 

Spirit`s toy.

The refrain of my grandmother`s hymn echos through my being

`Mold me and shape me after thy will

While I am waiting, yielded and still.`

I dance barefoot…


What adventure is waiting?

At the closing of the Day

I stop.

Take a Moment;

Give thanks for my Blessings

With an open heart

 filled with Gratitude

I get on Soul’s knee’s.

Preparing for the adventure

That is coming my Way.

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The long version of the long walk Reposted August 18 2010


The Forest  a place to walk ..Photo by Mary Helen Ferris   Jasper Sept 2008

The long walk back

from not knowing

how to handle a situation.

The long walk back

from not knowing

how to grieve.

The long walk back

from a life of degradation…..

The long walk back

from not knowing

or wanting to believe.

It is a long walk back

but the Sunlight of the Spirit

still shines.

We have walked through the pain to mountains.

We have Walked by the River of God.

Walk on and you will begin to know.

The lives with whom you trod.

We have been through the Valley of Darkness

We have been through the dark night of Soul.

We know of the struggle you are facing

We know of the ultimate goal.

Walk into the Sunshine when you are ready to take part.

Walk into the infinite mercy

Of the Master’s loving heart.

Reach out for the guidance

Reach inward for truth.

Keep walking on the path.

You are not alone.

We have climbed the inward mountains.

We have dug deep into the despair.

We have clung on to each other.

We have found a Higher Power that cares.

The long walk is not for the weary.

The long walk is not for the strong.

Trust in this band of brothers.

We want you to come along.

Recovery is yours for the working.

The joy is boundless and free.

I am grateful for my recovery.

Please come walk with me.

I need to be sharing and giving.

I need you to know it is free.

I need you to know my brother.

This time you can count on me.

The long walk is not easy.

The long walk is simple and just.

The long walk brings you home again.

The long walk with a Master to trust.

I will dream in the arms of Spirit

Photo courtesy MaryHelen Ferris/Sonny Galea Sept 1 2008 Jasper National Park Canada

Tonight in the dream state

I will dream in the Arms of Spirit.

I will awaken refreshed from the earthly coil.

I will not be skin starved.

I will dream in the Arms of Spirit.

I will awaken with boundless joy.

The words to describe the Journey

Cannot come to touch the heights and depths

The Soul will know

As it soars on Eagles wings

In the arms of Spirit.

There is nowhere we cannot go.

It is simple.

Here is now here.  Nowhere has disappeared.

I rest, renew and refresh in the Arms of Spirit.