I can

Thank you to Colin Hall for his artistryhttps://www.facebook.com/colin.hall.313

In the quiet of the evening

Walking in the gentle rain

I can feel the feelings

 of peace, joy and gratitude

Soaking into Soul from Spirit.

I can hear It

As it washes

Over me again

And yet again.

I am safe,

 loved and protected.

I walk with Thee on High.1491700_584150421683696_5337675819295997442_n

There are no questions.

No need to ask “Why?’

I do not doubt this moment.

I do not doubt my worth.

I want to surrender

To the rain, 

To the silence,

 Lay quietly on the damp cool earth.

The gentle rain refreshes me

Penetrates me with the Sound

As it cleanses Soul.

I can feel the Tsunami of Spirit

Renewing me. 

Making me whole.

And,  just in case my gratitude bank

Was not filled to overflowing

Mother’s umbrella of Love

Gives me a quiet knowing.

10155036_584137451684993_2580188910334672772_nI am safe in the arms of the Creator.

I am safe in my little home.

I can sit in this peaceful beauty.

I can visit you on the Inner.

I can enjoy the sunset that was not seen 

On this earth plane

 As it hid in the drops of the rain.

I can know that the rainbows will follow.

I can know the sun will rise again.

I can feel the joy of the rapture

Being embraced in the Creators arms

I can know that abiding quiet.

I can share that joy in this moment.

I can share that moment with you.

I can…..

“I can do all things through You who strengthens me.”

I can lift up my Voice

In song.

I can sit in the quiet remembrance

Of other times,

other feelings,

other places,

other faces.

1486844_584145735017498_5163021460214205959_nOr I can go deeper into this moment…

I can focus.

I can.

“Be here now.”

The Creator  spoke

As He hid me and embraced me

Under His all-encompassing cloak.

I am renewed,  refreshed, rejuvenated.

I want to:

Take you by the hand,

Show you this wonderful moment,

Help you to share in it too,

Watch as you come to understand, 

Give you a quiet smile in days to come,

Be a reflection of “Life’s evening Son”.

I want to share this quiet moment

I want to bless you with it too.

I would like to send it

For your use in days to come.10291855_583668951731843_709338919094813338_n

I will wrap it with a ribbon of gentle rain

Sprinkle some star-dust painted blue.

Do you feel it

embracing and renewing you?

Do you feel it making you whole?

Do you wish to have me remind you

Of this moment? 

Of this place?

Oh, yes my dear friend,

I will and I certainly can.