Goodbye is a gift I give myself… is worth more than gold

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My beloved husband,

here on the new moon………

I am finally saying


Over the lifetimes and centuries,

I have loved you.

Over the bullshit and pain,

I have loved you.

Over it all,

I am finally over you. 


You are the song my heart sings….dedicated to Cloud

My heart is so young

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My heart is overflowing 

because I have never used

up all the love

from the last  hundred  lifetimes.

I have not given back

to life anywhere near enough

of the beauty it has given  to me.

I have tried to learn to do that.

I have tried to learn to give love that deeply.

I have instead protected all those I love.

There is not anyone

(not a mortal anyway)

who would understand

The depth, the heighth 

 and the breadth of the  I love I know. 

I have not ever given

completely of my self to one person.

I give all of myself to you

my beloved in my every:

thought I think

every dish I wash

every song I write

is written to you

….only you.

You are the colours

of my paintings.

The ink in my pen…

while I write

a poem of praise

to you one more time. 

I am waiting to meet you.

I know that you exist.

I catch glimpses

of  you in the moonlight.

I see you every

morning in the dawn.

I just thought

I would tell you I am still alive.

I am not waiting

for you any longer.

I practice your presence

 in every breath I breathe….

It is all for you  love. 

You are the song I sing. 

Travelers and those who wait for them

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(This poem is  dedicated to the Travelers and those who wait to welcome them HOME)

Alone, you,  may think you are.
You are not.
Broken-hearted and longing
to be with the Beloved.
You are always with the Beloved.
When in the moment you think
you are the most alone and broken
You are being carried 
on the Wings of Love. 

Enjoy the view, 
dear hearts.
You are the most 
BELOVED of the Beloved. 

On the Wings of LOVE.
of the Beloved 
(that means each and every one of us  ….all of you)

 There is  a glowing love
That cannot be held back 
that the earth plane
can not hold……….
This beautiful flame of 
glowing in the eyes of another
Beloved Traveler of the Beloved
Is how we find each and other
Lifetime after lifetime.
In a circle of Love
Formed on the Wings of Love.