Gathering the kisses on the wind….

Cole Thomas Mountain Sunrise Catskill 1826
Cole Thomas Mountain Sunrise Catskill 1826 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wind was roaring 

around the door

It would blow all night .

It had before.

The seeker stared at the window, 

she could not believe   her eyes.

The wind was blowing kisses

……what a huge surpise!!!

She wrapped her cloak about her

  just as she went to gather

the kisses and bring them in.

She filled a great big basket.

Then she filled a bin.

The kisses came from everywhere.

The place names  were written on the lips.

The smiles kissed

the palms of her hands

and her finger tips.

She danced in the wind

gathering the whole night through.

She laughed as she danced

until it was  the morning light blue.

She sat on a rock

bone weary from the task.

She gathered the kisses

carried them on her back.

 She took them to the old ones

who were ill and sat alone.

She took them to the young ones

with their  faces glued to the phone.

She took the kisses everywhere

where there had been some discontent.

The kisses filled the hearts

with love everywhere she went.

The people wanted to thank her…

oh yes, I know its true.

But she simply said,

“Thank the ones,

who sent their love

whose kisses

filled the bin.

Thank the ones, dear hearts,

who sent kisses on the wind

with unconditional love for you.”

Mountain sunrise
Mountain sunrise (Photo credit: Greg Gladman)