A healing day in the mountains…Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

A day in the mountainsMy whole world was in chaos. Both my parents died within 60 days of each other.  It was the second long weekend since.  I felt lost.  I was a drunk – in recovery – so I called my sponsor.  He said he had some errands to do…did I want to tag along.  I jumped at the chance.  

Anything to get away from the terror raging inside me.

He was a hobby photographer and always needing extra gas so he could go to the mountains to take his photos.   I suggested while we were doing the errands that we go for coffee….to Jasper National Park.

Road trips when you live in the  northern part of Alberta are a common thing.  So I made a couple of phone calls to folks who would miss me for dinner and off we went.

That was the first day I held a camera to use myself.   I had assisted many photographers on shoots as I am always wanting to learn.

We went to the mountains.  We were  gone for almost three days and I had held four cameras throughout the trip.

The photo is one of my favorites from that day.

Fall morning dew deepening in to rain…


As the fall morning dew

deepens into rain…

I want to be in love with life again

I want to be more “insane”.

I want the freedom of day

To manifest a song.

I want to read poetry out loud.

I want to sing along.

I want to stretch into the hills

To lay on the mountain forest floor.

I am grateful for all the blessings I have…

But this morning,

I want more.

I want to give my joy to you,

Wrapped with a feathered bow

I want to let my heart-strings

Sing, and I wanted you to know.

mother earth

 Photos   Jasper National Park  Sept 2008  MaryHelen Ferris   words  Sept 2013

Gratitude for blessings received

Living on the Edge
Living on the Edge

The sun is setting in my day

I am blessed in every way.

The songs of the birds that beg me stay.

The gifts of living in a quiet way.

The loving mercy of good friends.

Oh, my blessings never end. 

Recline, repose, rejuvenate

Trees are my sanctuary
Trees are my sanctuary  Photo credit  Sonny Alfredo Galea   Jasper National Park   Sept 2008

Recline, repose, rejuvenate,

are all great things to invigorate

the physical body.  

But, me, I want more.  

I want to dream adventures

deep on the forest floor.

 I want to sink beneath the pine.

 I want to bask in cedar.

I want to be so refreshed…

(That I can hardly wait

to tell the cleaning lady,

I don’t need her).

 I want to be so renewed

that I can do it all my self.

But in the interim,

 I will rest

and put my ego

on the shelf. 

The winter winds blow dark and cold,

I must admit that I am growing old.

My spirit is not that of  a quitter.  

I have been,  oh , so blessed, 

by my angel baby-sitters.

 I have loved ones, and friends

whose love surround,

as I bask in the love

of the light and sound.  

I truly love to recline,

rejuvenate and repose.

I have chores on the morrow

which I have to dispose.

 I am the dreaming poet.

 I am so very  blessed

throughout my life.

 I am coming now,  beloved,  

to be thy dreaming wife. 

Hoar frost makes the perfect Christmas shopping scene

Hoar Frost
Hoar Frost (Photo credit: mrsdkrebs)
Hoar Frost
Hoar Frost (Photo credit: Ashrunner’s Photo Safaris)
English: Hoar Frost Cross-bedding in sandstone...
English: Hoar Frost Cross-bedding in sandstone picked out by hoar frost in a stone wall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hoar frost

Going to have a girls day out

The hoar frost is due to last all day

Christmas Craft sale shopping

Time for us women to play.

Show me the way back Home…….

Show me the way back Home…

I’m tired of feeling alone.

 Can I know your Will?

 Can I share your Love?

I am glad to be alive.

Mary’s first Elk Shot out the window of the truck NO ZOOM Jasper Sept 1 2008

Thank you for being my Guide.

Back in my youth

I knew the Truth.

Show me the Way

back to You.

I want to share your truth.

way down deep inside.

I made the choice.

I heard your voice

I’m satisfied…

cause I’m on my way

back to You.

So show me.

You know me

and show me

the way back Home.

Come take my hand.

I need to stand

under the shadow

of your smile.

Thy will be done

under the Sun.

May joys be shared.

Speak of me of Joy

Of laughter and of rain.

I will come fully into the  circle

Back to You again,

What makes autumn so special for you?

English: The Autumn Garden - 5 The arboretum i...
English: The Autumn Garden – 5 The arboretum is open all year round and has free entry. Very informative and there are often special quizzes etc for the kids. Good value! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Autumn at Glenoe (1) The flow, on the...
English: Autumn at Glenoe (1) The flow, on the waterfall, is nothing special but there is a good coating of fallen leaves contrasting with the green still on the trees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What makes autumn so special for you?

Is it the return to quiet so you can dream and relax?

Is it the walk in the woods where you can renew Soul?

Is it the smells of harvesting, pickling and drying

Making welcoming home feeling so good?

Is it the early darkness

Bringing all loved ones safely in?

Is it the harvest moon being so full

With the abundance of wheat in the bin?

Is is the light in the window

Welcoming all the travelers to stop and rest?

Is it the call in the night

Of the coyote or the return of the winter song birds?

I wonder, dear heart,

what makes autumn so special

Is it the Soul song we heard?

What makes it feel so right?

What makes this time of year so special for you?

Mother Earth – photo – Mary Helen Ferris – Jasper National Park Canada 2008 – September 

Wonderful thanksgiving…I celebrate with you.

Jasper National Park….Canada Photo by Sonny Alfredo Galea

A rainy, quiet, autumn crisp  holiday.

 Been wrapped in the loving arms of sleep for hours.

Awakening to the blessings of my loving higher power.

Not in jail, nor in the prison of my mind.

Am blown away with all the freedoms that I find.

Free to worship, to vote, to write, to think how I please.

 Open to the gifts of life which call to me on the evening breeze.

Open to the wondrous ways of learning I been given.

Truly thankful to celebrate with you  this wonderful thanksgiving.