How dedicated to Steve Cantrell

Cirrus uncinus and Cirrus spissatus over Swift...
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Storm Clouds Roll in
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sunset funnel cloud 2

The Cloud Shadow (Anti-Crepuscular Rays)
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How many times will my gratitude speak

when gifts of love fall at my feet?

How many times will I stop to say,

beloved dear heart, I am glad you stayed?

How many arms will I open wide,

when my love I can no longer hide?

How much love will it take to heal,

how much longer till I get to feel?

How often will my joy increase,

how many times will I offer you peace?

How much love will it take to grow

until it is time for me to go?

How much service can I give,

to thank you for this new way to live?

How much love does it take to  be guessing

how much I needed forgiveness, confessing?

How many lifetimes before I grow 

into following this path with the silence I know?

How many sunsets will it take

before I surrender, before I break?

After the silence, the surrender comes…

I find my sacred song on the tip of my tongue.

How many ways can I say thank you?


Laughter in abundance

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Bird - Duck - Mallard
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Oh the joys of the day:

Are delivered in the laughter,

Of the moments of grace,

In thoughts of the hereafter.

The majestic sunset

as it peaks through the pines

Brings joy in abundance

to this heart of mine.

There are gifts of the spirit

in the wings of the bird.

In the quiet rejoicing

in the fellowship heard.

The joy of the moment,

the quiet sweet voice

Of love in the music

when silence is the choice.

Oh, my beloved,

\my dear heart,

my friend…

I am so happy

for your great news,

may your joy never end. 

Waiting in Silence

Eliza's first snow...
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March 24th, 2009 Snow Bunting in Snowfall
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Snow Cat
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Waiting in Silence

For the peace that comes from within

 it is a quiet blessing

promotes a giant grin.

There are no words

to describe the miracle it brought.

This new spiritual condition…

I know it can be caught.

It is there in the sound of silence.

It is within the songbirds song

It is in the song of music

that begs you sing along

It is the wonder of the hay bales

covered with winters snow

As the sunlight dances from them

into sunrise’s majestic glow.

The sparkling diamond  of

the snow as it glistens in the light.

How the moon plays across the field

brightening the darkest night

Oh silence and its beauty

Bring forth a wonderous song…

the light and love

from God above

helps the silence and the silent ones

to stay strong. 

Your smile is dynamite

Sunlight Reflections
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Sunlight, Trees
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Sunlight and Dogwoods
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Your smile is like dynamite,

blasting away at my isolation in the cold winter.

It is bringing

the Sunlight of the Spirit

into my very being.

Your smile is a search light

looking into

the deepest part of me

where love for you

is  no longer hiding.

Your smile,

your laughter,

your love

are the food for

this formerly starving  Soul.

I love you.

 I thank you.

 I am here to be of service.

 I am so glad you are in my life.

 Your happiness is my goal. 

Your smile has made me whole. 

What will you do?

Hurricane Flame
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Hurricane lamp
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Lantern Flame
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What will you do

with the talent

you are given?

Will you share it?

Will you hold it?

Will you hide it

While trying

to make a living?

What if the only reason

That you are on the earth

Is to share this gift?

Do you know

what  it is worth?

It is the broken part

when the light

shines through…

It is this


talent given

only to you.

Do not hide it.

Do not deride it.

Share it with love.

It was given to you

to make your

home up above.

Until you

share that talent.

Until you

share your voice.

Your life

will lack its lustre.

Your life,

your talent,

your choice!!!