Good night my sweet Friend…for Caroline and her dedication to the Sunlight of the Spirit

sunrise in the city
Image by Tattooed JJ via Flickr


Image by Tama Leaver via Flickr
Moonlight 2
Image by Masivaan via Flickr

It is my evening.

Your morning has just begun.

We are hundreds of miles apart.

Yet we laugh together  in the sun.

The Sunlight of the Spirit unites us in our hearts.

I am thinking of you my sweet friend.

I value your comments, your smile and your page.

I can always count on you to inform, excite and guide me with your love.

I so appreciate you dear heart….

Trust the trials of your day you can get above.

I will look for you soon when I come back again.

I send you hugs, blessings and healing thoughts…

Good night from me…to you, my sweet sweet Friend.