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Guest Author Tracy Madlener (via SPICIE) The Homeless Hopeful: Homeless Youth Can Overcome!


The Homeless Hopeful: Homeless Youth Can Overcome!

By: Tracy MadlenerI lived on my own at the age of fourteen.  Then again at fifteen, and one more time, this time, permanently at seventeen.  I’m sure you’re wondering how that can be?  Well, my mom remarried someone that I did not get along with, she had my little brother with this new man and decided to choose her new family and leave the old to fend for herself.

I’m sure this is not a unique situation and that there are other stories of families that have been torn apart in many different ways.

Inspiration is something we all need

This is not a story about how I could have been another homeless youth statistic.  This is not a tale about finding the next place to sleep or where the next meal was coming from.  This is about that kid from 30 years ago and where she is now.  This is about hope.

I never gave up the dream of living in my own house with a white picket fence.  I didn’t want to believe that this daily unknowing feeling of being lost was my life.  This was not how the princess in the fairy tale ended up, and I believed I was the princess so I wasn’t about to give up on my life without a fight.  I knew in my heart of hearts that I was the only one that can become who I wanted to be.

Knowing that little piece of information kept me moving forward and I never looked back, even when I wasn’t sure where I would lay my head down at the end of the day.  Being homeless as a teen when all your friends had a home was a very somber feeling.  But I was never bitter, I was grateful when my best friend would steal food from her dad’s restaurant to feed me.  I was grateful when the cashier at the shop I worked at took me in to live with her for a few weeks.  I never forgot the many people who would come into my life like an angel and place before me my next stepping stone to reach my destination.

As I read the statistics and watch the videos of these kids with no homes, no family support and no one to turn to, I am reminded of my own situation from a past that even today, the mental scars still hang on.  Am I good enough?  Do they like me?  Will I be accepted?  Did I do the right thing?  Those who have met me would never know the insecurities I feel as I never let on.  I never show fear so that I look strong, even when I feel weak.  Now that I think about it, that attitude helped me to survive, to become who I am today.  I am not afraid.

Please, do whatever you can to help these Homeless children. We cannot end homelessness or runaways, but we can make sure that when such things occur, there is support to help them back up on their feet so that they don’t become a negative statistic. Spicie has partnered with Black Iron Kisses during Homeless Youth Awareness Month  to help spread the word about not only this issue but S.P.Y. (Safe Place for Youth) in Venice Beach, CA, which helps provide assistance to some of the 15,000 plus homeless youth in the Los Angeles area.

S.P.Y. On Facebook
Black Iron Kisses Fundraiser For S.P.Y

The long version of the long walk Reposted August 18 2010


The Forest  a place to walk ..Photo by Mary Helen Ferris   Jasper Sept 2008

The long walk back

from not knowing

how to handle a situation.

The long walk back

from not knowing

how to grieve.

The long walk back

from a life of degradation…..

The long walk back

from not knowing

or wanting to believe.

It is a long walk back

but the Sunlight of the Spirit

still shines.

We have walked through the pain to mountains.

We have Walked by the River of God.

Walk on and you will begin to know.

The lives with whom you trod.

We have been through the Valley of Darkness

We have been through the dark night of Soul.

We know of the struggle you are facing

We know of the ultimate goal.

Walk into the Sunshine when you are ready to take part.

Walk into the infinite mercy

Of the Master’s loving heart.

Reach out for the guidance

Reach inward for truth.

Keep walking on the path.

You are not alone.

We have climbed the inward mountains.

We have dug deep into the despair.

We have clung on to each other.

We have found a Higher Power that cares.

The long walk is not for the weary.

The long walk is not for the strong.

Trust in this band of brothers.

We want you to come along.

Recovery is yours for the working.

The joy is boundless and free.

I am grateful for my recovery.

Please come walk with me.

I need to be sharing and giving.

I need you to know it is free.

I need you to know my brother.

This time you can count on me.

The long walk is not easy.

The long walk is simple and just.

The long walk brings you home again.

The long walk with a Master to trust.


The girl’s were getting together to “dish the dirt

I thought they would be planting seeds or something.

They were.

They were gossiping…seeds of ‘dirt’about another Soul.

When day is done they put our ashes in dirt.

We cleanse our Soul to release the dirt.

We pray.

Do our step work and take the dirt

To our sponsor and release to our Higher Power.

When “we trust God, clean house and help others”

We are releasing  the dirt.

I find the more I release the dirt, guilt and shame of my past

The cleaner my Soul,  my house and my actions.

I can move on from that angry place and plant seeds in dirt for healing

Make a garden with friends.

Plant some courage.

Plant some hope.

Plant some love.

In dirt.