My heart goes wandering…with the artistry of Colin Hall


My heart goes wandering 

As it often will

To the places

I have lived and loved

To the places

I am living still.

The mountains call to me

They are a perfect sanctuary of  rest.

But it is in my “wee cabin” here

The place that I love best. 

Deep within the stillness

My heart goes wandering still

To share your  love that I am learning

From my portal deep within.

How thoughts of your sweet presence

start my day with a grin. 

My heart goes wandering

free as can be.

Counting all my blessings

Until your face I see.

I see your beauty

in the face of the child.

I see your love

in the flower growing wild.

My heart goes wandering

as I am surrendered to thy will.

Oh, the joy of the silence,

your  love my heart doth  fill.



Fran Blackwell shares “I Pour My Heart Out”

Being Empty

September 15, 2013 at 7:31am

I Pour My Heart Out19840_1351531873385_2010256_n

I pour my heart out to the four winds and the seven seas,

mystical mist clouding memories of why the heart must

empty itself to receive the sweet whispers of all that is holy,

yet emptiness is never achieved in one pour or two,

or more, out pouring, like rain clouds bursting with life-giving

moisture so succulent and nourishing to seedlings.


I pour my heart out, and a waterfalls of words in loving expression

make their way like foot prints on the pages of life.

Whose life, all life, it is all life living itself in giving all that it is.

And why this cycle goes on without end….is because it must

do so, for this is its nature, without ending, its beginning is begun.

To know forever what eternity knows and will never forget,

what has never been known till the last drop is poured.

I pour my heart in, listening to the universe speak its living language

to me in the sound of its pouring, yes it is within this sound that

speaks between the lines, or between the snapping of fingers,

or the silence between the heart beating rhythms.

I continue to pour my heart out into the vast universal stillness,

into places with no name, for nothing is ever the same,

for now gives birth to each moment ever new.

To experience the same truth in new forms, it discovers

itself with in the out pouring of Soul’s longing to

blend forever in conscious awareness of the Beloved One.

I pour my heart out in its aching to empty itself

Of all Love, all Life, all thought,  for all is in perfect

Accord with Gods Will be done, and so, the giving and receiving,

the out pouring till the last drop begins filling

itself again to heart bursting moments of Divine contentment.

Kissing the moment as love is distilled in the Holy

Order of all things beautiful, blessed with grace.

You may ask, Who is this ” I” that claims

I pour my heart out when ever it is filled?

Who is the true pourer of the contents of contented hearts?

That would be me, Soul.


does it matter the who or what it is that has brought Soul

into consciousness awareness  of its true nature?

Its purpose here and now, to give and receive

Divine Unconditional Love,  for no reason nor rhyme.

For without exception, all things reflect this Law of Spiritual Reciprocity.

Inhale, exhale, give, receive, outpouring, “in-pouring”, outcome incoming

Waves of spiritual grace nurturing Soul’s expansion of Its self

In Gods love,

And so the I AM pouring my heart out, every last droplet fulfilling

Its self, the awakened selflessness that through pouring out my heart.

In some small way, manifests Gods Presence in this world


It was his eyes…dedicated to Tata (from her children and her children’s children)

It was his eyes

They were too full of fire.

They were other worldly wise.

It was his smile

Which filled her with such desire

It said so much.Snapshot_20111001_1

It was his laughter

Thrilling her to the depths of her being

It was his purpose

To drive her wild.

He stole her heart

Her first great-grand-child.

Oh, yes definitely

It was his eyes.

This poem is now dedicated and used only with permission until Tata receives it…

“If you exist, Master, please help me.”

I ran away from love until it found me.

 I crawled over broken glass to avoid its embrace.

I surrendered.  I opened up my heart.

 I asked “If you exist, Master, please help me.”

In that moment I saw your face.

Love’s reprieve is available to all who want it.

 Just beleive.

 “If you exist, Master, please help me.” In that moment I saw your face. 



The Masters Gaze – (

Listen up, dear heart……(the Universe)

Zugspitze von der Alpspitze aus gesehen. Links...
Zugspitze von der Alpspitze aus gesehen. Links der Jubiläumsgrat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Lower AuSable Lake in the Adirondack ...
English: Lower AuSable Lake in the Adirondack High Peaks. Taken in the summer of 1996. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Heart Mountain, Alberta, Canada
Heart Mountain, Alberta, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not the steps that matter,

dear heart, but the path. 

All is well,

The Universe  

P.S. And the path will

take care of itself,

dear heart,

when you keep focused

on your destination.

Meet Me in the Sunset


Photo credit    Anne Marie Kiyawsew

Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.
We have waited many life times
We have travelled many miles
We have waited for each other.
I guess we can wait a little while.
So until I meet you in the sunrise
Until we kiss as lovers do
I will send love to you my darling
Knowing love will see you through.
Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.
Your eyes hold so much laughter.
Your heart is so full of pain.
Do you not know I am waiting
To be with you again?
I know not the time or season.
I only know you will receive.
I know only this my darling…
You only have to believe.
There is always someone caring.
There is always someone who knows.
There is me my little darling.
Who cares wherever you go.
Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.
So, tonight, in your dreams my loved one
Be sheltered in the love
Of all of those who love you
Both here and up above.
Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.
I will wait for you forever.
Our love was meant to be.
I love you so much darling
That I will always let you be.
Your freedom is my gift to you.
Your laughter yours to me.
So in the twilight of your life
You can come home to see
That I loved you since forever.
Forever, yours I’ll be.
Meet me in the sunset
Dance with me in the rain.
Hold me in your heart dear
Till I am in your arms again.

For sale-one slightly used husband…or trade for boat….please send picture of boat……..

I took out an ad today…..

in the Universe`s newspaper….

FOR SALE…one slightly used husband….or in trade for

boat…please send picture of boat……


I should have added…..comes with never used


built-in I do not care that much button

with a complete volume of excuses……


damn, I hope I can get a good boat….


my broom is broken….but not my heart….not this time….not this lifetime….not ever again….inshallah!!!